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What to Look For When Buying a Bike For a Woman


Whilst the world has moved further ahead, women for a long time were considered inferior and secluded to the ‘comfort’ of their homes, ordered around to cook and cater to household and more ‘woman-friendly’ activities. However, with the advent of modernization and the immense struggle and strife worldwide, women have come center stage, albeit not on the same pedestal as men, but they are now increasingly becoming prominent outside of their homes and leading initiatives worldwide. Sports is one of the latest sector that women are growing increasingly comfortable in. Otherwise, for a wide period of time, it was believed that any kind of sport was meant only for men, and women did not have the temerity to sustain the rigor that came along with it. In this regard, cycling became a very popular sport for women, because it was a good exercise of the entire body and not only served as a means of transport, but allowed you to wander across to places that you otherwise would just ignore. 

If you are a woman and are buying a bike for yourself, it is very important to first ascertain whether you are even interested in this sport or not. It is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, and to do it just to prove a point or just as an occasional pass time, would mean that you may be wasting your money on something that could potentially not benefit you. Similarly, if you are buying a bike for your girl child, or your girlfriend or your wife, you need to check beforehand, exactly how comfortable and interested she is, in trying to take up a sport which you may even be imposing her. Because if she does it out of her own free will, she is bound to enjoy it and sustainably take it forward, but if you force it down her, then her interest will be very short lived. Therefore, have her consent before you look towards buying any sort of bike.


Once it has been ascertained that there is indeed interest in the biking sector, then you should decide upon what size you want to go for. For that you may want to know her height and weight before you make the decision. This is because the size which you will advance towards will be in sight of that. Similarly, if there are some constraints in your life, some disability or injury that needs to be catered to, then you should choose a bike which can create a comfort zone for you rather than have you in constant pain.

One of the easiest way is to take her to the shop so she can look at a variety of bikes firsthand, so that you do not end up buying her a bike that she just does not like. Sometimes, your preferences are just not aligned with the other individual’s and it is perfectly alright to let her do the choosing. In this regard, she can choose the size of the tires, the kind of handlebar she wants, if she wants a small basket attached to it, what additional features she just does not want to compromise upon. There are a lot of things that guys may want that girls just may not be as attracted to, as is the case with the interests of girls. 

Similarly, it is also important to note that the decision may not entirely be gender specific. Even amongst girls, some would be completely fine with getting a standard bike whilst others would rather have a mountain bike to rigorously take with them on their journeys. It is just a matter of preferences and interest and it is best to sort these things out before you buy anything. 

If you are buying a bike for a woman without her knowing it, then it would be great to get a bike which comes with an exchange policy so that if she does not like it or is fond of another bike, then she can exchange it to get the bike of her dreams. After all, she is the one riding it so let her do the choosing.


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