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How To Get Your Child Ready For First Horse-Riding Lesson

As an equine lover, you will probably want to pass on your passion for riding to your kids. It is an incredible legacy a parent can create for the family, but getting a kid ready for the first lesson can be daunting. You worry about their safety because you can never be too sure about the temperament of an animal. At the same time, your child may require some convincing to overcome their apprehension. However, you can do your bit to prepare them for their first lesson. Here are some simple tips that do the trick for parents.

Encourage physical fitness

Encouraging physical fitness gets your child ready for the rigors of riding later. It is challenging in current times when kids prefer gadgets over playtime and outdoor activity. But parents must make conscious efforts to maximize outdoor time, even if it means scheduling family time and activities to promote fitness. The benefit of an active lifestyle extends beyond riding readiness for your children. You get quality bonding time, and fitness is a bonus for everyone in the family.

Look for a professional trainer

You may be a seasoned rider, but it is always better to look for a professional trainer to teach your kids the nuances of horse riding. Professionals know their jobs well, and they can educate learners about handling the challenges of horse riding beyond the skill. They guide them on equine behavior and bonding. Moreover, they are patient with the young learners who need extra training and practice.

Ensure riding safety

Safety should be a top priority for riders, and it is even more crucial for parents to introduce their kids to the activity. Choosing the right horse for the lessons is a good start with safety. A gentle animal is ideal for training young riders. The apt riding gear also makes a difference, so invest in a protective helmet and proper boots for the child. The Aussie saddle from Clinton Anderson is ideal for learners as it keeps the horse comfortable and ensures rider safety. The smaller and rounded profile offers a snug fit and balances the rider’s weight better.

Have realistic expectations

Parents often expect their kids to get comfortable with riding sooner than later only because they are good at it. But remember to take things at an easy pace and let the child learn comfortably. Burdening them with expectations is the last thing you should do because it makes them apprehensive about not living up to your hopes. They may even end up dropping the idea. 

Allow the child to be creative

Every child is unique and learns and performs differently. As a parent, you must give them the freedom to be creative and do their own thing while riding. Let them pick their activities and time them according to their interest. You can create more interest by sharing stories and watching videos together. Ensure they bond well with the trainer and the horse you choose for them.

Horse riding lessons for children should be enjoyable enough to make them stick for the long haul. Safety is equally crucial. Following these tips gets you the best of both worlds. 


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