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Best Career Tips From Successful Hairstylist Mommies

If you are a working mom, you will probably know the challenges of balancing family and profession. Things are even more daunting if you are in a challenging profession. But challenging here does not mean one where you work long hours or invest physical labor. Even the styling industry can be challenging because you have to be endlessly creative and laborious in your role. 

Moreover, you may have to travel a lot and work late nights if you collaborate with a celebrity. Likewise, salon owners and independent stylists must be passionate about their work and clients. But the profession is rewarding enough to keep you going despite your mommy challenges. Not surprisingly, you may come across several success stories featuring hairstylist mommies. Here are some valuable career tips they swear by. 

Follow your passion

Nothing should stop you from following your passion if you love hairstyling. Mommies often give up on their dreams after starting their families as they wish to be a perfect parent. But motherhood should only be a short break rather than a full stop for your career. Consider a comeback once your kids are old enough to join preschool. You may even start from scratch when you find your calling in the profession. A career switch may also be an option for mommies already working in another field but looking for a change. Remember that it is never too late to step into a career field if you feel passionate about it. 

Invest in education

Hairstyling takes more than passion and creativity. Successful mom entrepreneurs in the industry emphasize the value of formal training. After all, you cannot risk touching a client’s hair for cutting, styling, or coloring unless you understand texture and tones like a pro. Join an institute for a formal course. You can even consider specializing in a field of interest, such as cutting or coloring. Besides formal education, you must train under a seasoned mentor to gain experience and learn the ins and outs of the industry. A couple of years is enough to become confident enough to go solo. Life gets a lot better when you are on your own!

Upgrade your skills

The styling industry is dynamic, and new trends are always around the corner. Professionals should stay on top of trends, tools, and styling techniques. Although you may experiment and learn as you go, upgrading your skills can set you apart. Ongoing education may sound challenging to a busy mommy, but consider it a  career investment. You can enroll in short courses to learn new styling methods and stay relevant. A few weeks every year are enough to stay up-to-date. You can ask your partner to hold the fort at home while you go back to the styling school. 

Love your tools

Seasoned mom stylists talk a lot about loving their styling tools and maintaining them over the years. Of course, you may hardly know the scissors vs shears at the beginning of your career. But your tools help you master the skill and climb up the ladder. Ensure you invest in quality and give them the care they deserve. Carry your kit for every project because you are more likely to be comfortable with them. Also, keep your stuff out of reach of your kids because the last thing you want is to let them experiment with a sibling’s hair. The young ones may even hurt themselves with cutting tools. So keep them locked somewhere no one can find them.

Consider freelancing 

Although starting a salon seems like a good idea, it may not be the best option for mommy hairstylists. In fact, a majority of successful moms in the role are freelance artists. With this career route, you can start with minimal or no investment. The great thing is that you can still make big money with a low investment. You have the flexibility to work according to your schedules. Moreover, you can explore versatile projects like working with photographers, television shows, fashion labels, and movie production companies. You can even travel and see the world once your little ones are old enough to stay with daddy or grandparents. 

Master the art of scheduling

Scheduling is the key to balancing everything as a mommy and styling professional. The great thing is that you can do it with a little effort, and the skill can help you create an excellent work-life balance. Take projects according to your current bandwidth. For example, you can go slow when the kids are at home for the summer break or need your help with their exams. But remember to give your best in both roles. Happy clients should be your priority when working for them. At home, you should give it all to your kids and partner.

Do not skimp on self-care

Although you can do well with scheduling, it is easy to skimp on self-care when you have a busy career and mommy life to manage. But you deserve self-care as much as anyone else does, and you must go the extra mile with it. Eat a balanced diet and do not skip meals, no matter how tight your schedules are. You may pack healthy bites like salads, fruits, and nuts to project venues and snack on them during your free time. Integrate outdoor time, exercise, and meditation into your daily routine. Schedule me-time every day, and step out for a solo date every weekend. You may even consider a hair makeover from your favorite stylist occasionally because you need to pamper yourself just as you do for your celeb clients.

Succeeding as a mommy stylist is easier than you imagine, provided you get creative with your endeavor. Learn the craft, love your tools, and pick more skills as you navigate the industry. Being authentic as a professional and a mommy makes you comfortable at work and home. Make your clients, partner, and kids your cheerleaders, and you will be happy about handling the challenging role. Most importantly, enjoy your work, and success will follow naturally, even without trying too hard. 



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