Do you reside in a large metro area? If you’re a mom who sometimes feels at a loss for fun, educational activities for kids, there’s good news. Nearly every major town on the map has a museum, art gallery, or is near a city that has famous kid friendly attractions. It doesn’t matter whether you live in New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, or one of the other huge metro areas. There’s plenty to do and see with young kids, and educational excursions abound.

What are some of the favorite thing’s women do with their children? In addition to learning about your own city by taking a formal walking tour of the central city area, head to a place like Baltimore to spend time in a famous science center or children’s museum. Art galleries and nearby historical sites are two other ideal options for teaching youngsters about local and regional events of the past. Here are details about a few of the most popular choices.

Take a Downtown Walking Tour

Do you know your city? You’ll almost certainly be surprised to learn all sorts of amazing facts about it when you take your kids on a downtown walking tour. Not only is the activity a good way to exercise while learning, but it’s also an exciting technique for discovering the history of your town and what it’s currently known for. Some walking tour guides work for non-profit agencies and offer their services for free. Other tours cost a few dollars per person but typically allow kids to tag along for no extra charge.

Take a Bus to Baltimore for Kid Centered Activities

If you happen to live in one of the many big cities near Baltimore, like Philadelphia, there’s nothing more educational for kids than an afternoon visiting the Maryland Science Center and the Port Discovery Children’s Museum, both of which are in downtown Baltimore. The best part for budget-conscious moms is that bus tickets from Philadelphia to Baltimore are inexpensive, and the trip usually takes less than two hours one way. Plus, busy mothers can opt to leave just about any time of day, so checking out the two main kid friendly attractions can be a morning, afternoon, or early evening affair. It can be more fun if you live in New York or anywhere around this city because coding school New York is just awesome for kids learning.

Spend an Afternoon at the Art Gallery

Youngsters can always find something of interest at art galleries these days, now that cities have begun emphasizing more interactive, child friendly exhibits in order to boost revenue. Be careful to choose a gallery that includes attractions for all ages because a few of the larger ones are more adult focused and won’t make for a fun family outing. If you visit a place like the Nelson in Kansas City or New York’s MOMA, children of all ages will be fascinated by what they see. That’s because experienced curators know how to make art interesting to all ages.

Visit Local Historical Sites

Consider doing a bit of online research to identify two or three local historical sites, like places where Civil War battles took place, presidents lived, or major events happened. Every major city has at least a half-dozen famous houses, buildings, river crossings, or stagecoach trails that offer an excellent way for youngsters to learn about history first-hand.