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Top 8 Homeschooling Programs

This review is written specifically for parents who are searching for the most successful homeschooling programs for their children. You can use the recommendations below to prepare your high school student for the SAT or get extra lessons for students of all grades with some knowledge gaps. All programs are adapted for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


K12 can be a true substitute for regular school, offering complete curricula in many subjects, including math, world languages, English, science, or social studies. You can find free public school courses here or enroll in one of three fee-paying private schools. All teachers are certified by the state. You can also choose from additional educational tools such as summer schools, hobby clubs, an electronic library and more.


E Singapore Math

Singapore Math has been proving its worth among European and American students for years. The unique curriculum trains practical skills in math and logic that will be useful not only in exams, but also in everyday life. On the site you will find sections for teachers, parents, and students, including homeschoolers. After registering, you can choose from four educational programs depending on your goals.



Here you’ll find engaging tasks and puzzles for children ages 2 to 8. The educational process is built on fun and inverse games, so you won’t have to force your kids to study. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the cost of your subscription, for only $10 a month you’ll have access to 10 educational levels with 850 lessons in reading, math, science, social studies, music, drawing and painting art.



The website offers programs for complete online homeschooling. Depending on your child’s age, a subscription will cost $20 to $30 per month, and the fee for a second and subsequent child will be about $15. For that price, you’ll get access to hundreds or thousands of lessons, activity sets, workbooks, tests and quizzes, including offline work. In addition, parents can monitor learning and assess their children’s progress using a variety of methodological tools.


Connections Academy

This website is great for parents who want their child to not only attend an online school, but also be able to socialize through peer channels. For example, this school has online hobby clubs and regularly holds live meetings and events for its students. As for instruction, it is based on state standards and is completely free, as are textbooks and learning materials. Many activities that are part of regular schools, such as career counseling, are also included.


Khan Academy

If you’re looking for a free training program, Khan Academy, a non-profit organization, is your best bet. There are tons of video tutorials and quizzes designed for kids from kindergarten through 12th grade (and even more). You don’t have to worry about the quality of the education offered, because the work of this organization has won many awards. In addition to the standard curriculum (including CAT preparation), you’ll find additional subjects such as computer programming and animation, personal finance and entrepreneurship, art history, college admissions, and English as a second language.



This educational resource is designed to prepare high school students for CAT and college. Many of the world’s top institutions and universities, such as Harvard, NYU MIT, Oxford and Australian National University, offer over 2,500 college-level programs. Some are suitable for preparation for university entrance exams, while others are suitable for independent study and for obtaining college transfer credit. Others can be studied under the guidance of instructors (many of whom have doctorates). The website offers courses across the arts and humanities, STEM fields, music, computer science, education, and so on. Most of the courses cost zero, but you have to pay about $50 for a certificate of completion. Also check out edX projects like MicroBachelors or Global Freshman Academy, which allow you to start at the college level.


CK-12 Foundation

The emphasis of the curriculum here is on math and science, although you can find material on other subjects such as writing, spelling, and social studies. However, if you’re looking for additional knowledge in the exact sciences, from arithmetic and earth science to calculus and engineering, this website would be a good place to start. The curriculum includes playful and interactive activities, so many difficult topics are explained in a fun and not boring way.



All parents want to give their children the best possible quality and useful education. We have given you some recommendations about online schools, among which you will find the best option based on your goals.

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