With vaping comes more places to do it! Vaping has become more widespread and socially acceptable in the past few years. In a recent survey, vaping was shown to be the most popular way of consuming nicotine among adults aged 18-24 (47%). The reason? Smoking bans have made vaping a new social norm. More people are vaping in more places than ever before.

This is something to think about when choosing your next vape cart. We all want to feel accepted, but at the same time, do not want to forgo the pleasure that makes us happy. It is amazing just how many flavors there are now to please us and to help us relax in a world that fails to become less stressful.

Here are some of the most popular places to vape, depending on which country you are in.


In many restaurants, vaping is allowed in outdoor seating areas. Be sure to check with the staff before vaping indoors, as some restaurants have banned it altogether.


Many parks allow vaping, but be sure to check with the park staff before vaping. It is a wonderful place to escape to anyway and to combine this with vaping means that it becomes even very relaxing.

Bars and Clubs

You can vape in most bars and clubs, but be sure to check with the staff before vaping indoors. Some establishments have banned vaping altogether.

Where you cannot vape inside a bar or club, areas are made for you to do it. You will find that you are now less likely to be surrounded by smokers, but instead, like-minded vapers. It is an extension of the social occasion to meet up with fellow vapers in a small, or even larger, group. Vaping is becoming more and more popular.


You can vape on airplanes, but you must follow the regulations set by the airline. We may be talking private jets in many cases but it is always worth checking on this scenario as flying can prove stressful to many. Anything that helps has to be worth a go at least.


Hospitals are tricky – some allow vaping and others don’t. Be sure to check with the staff before vaping. This can be an upsetting time. It just goes to show how much the medical profession is embracing vaping as a healthier alternative to not harming in the way traditional smoking does. Passive smoking has been an issue for some time now.


You can vape in hotels but always check with the hotel staff before doing it. Although you pay for a hotel room and space, there are rules to follow. It seems that everyone is becoming more relaxed about vaping. Just be mindful of the wishes of the other guests. If they are vapers too, then it always helps. It is something of a growing community now.

The Reasons Why Vaping is More Acceptable

There are many reasons why vaping is more acceptable in places than smoking. For one, vaping doesn’t produce any secondhand smoke, which means that it doesn’t bother other people in the vicinity as much as smoking would. Additionally, vaping doesn’t produce any unpleasant smells, so people don’t have to worry about smelling like smoke after they’ve vaped.

Vaping is also more sociable than smoking. While smoking can be seen as quite unsavory, vaping is seen as much more innocuous. This means that people are more likely to vape in public places than smoke, as they don’t have to worry about offending anyone. Now custom vape cartridge boxes packaging made it more attractive for people.


You can now vape in more places than ever before! In the past few years vaping has been becoming a lot more socially acceptable. One reason for this is that smoking bans have made vaping seem like the new social norm. For some people, vaping seems to be an easier way to consume nicotine without all of the negative health effects associated with traditional cigarettes.