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5 Easy Ways to Spruce up your Kitchen

It costs around $12,567 to $34,962 (average) to remodel a kitchen. Based on 2021 US statistics, the average American takes home around $51,480 annually, making a complete kitchen remodel a thing he can only fantasize about. That shouldn’t be so.

You see, you don’t need to spend big to spruce up your kitchen unless you are looking at major renovations. In scenarios such as this, you would need to look at professionals like the ones at Home Pro America who can help you get the right quote for the entire remodeling project. Likewise, you don’t necessarily need to adorn your kitchen with luxurious appliances and designs to make visitors drool over your cooking space.

What you need are a few additions here and there coupled with some modifications, repainting, and the implementation of some design ideas. In essence, you need to:

  1. Introduce Pattern

Who said you need to spend big to turn your kitchen into a masterpiece? With the introduction of a vintage-inspired rug or appealing floral wallpaper, you can add tons of personality to even the smallest of kitchens. If you like to go for both simultaneously, ensure you look for patterns that have a connecting color between them. Professionals similar to those found for Kitchen Remodeling in Maumee could help you a lot in this regard when you’re confused and are not able to choose the best.

  1. Paint your cabinets

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning your cabinet. Your cabinets add lots of functionality and beauty to your kitchen. For this reason, you need to prioritize its design, layout, and of course, appearance.

Take a good look at your cabinets. Do they seem attractive to you? Or are they begging for a fresh coat of paint? Rather than spend money replacing this kitchen fixture, why not consider repainting them. With the help of a cabinet painter, you can transform your cabinets from old and dull to brand new and appealing. This professional is skilled in painting all types of kitchen cabinets.

Common cabinet paint ideas are:

  • Coffee stains
  • Deep bronze
  • Forest and yellowed greens
  • Grayed blue
  • Greige to Beige
  • Light gray
  1. Hang Floating Shelves

Have you thought about changing the layout of your shelves? The standard kitchen comes with suspended and lower cabinets. However, if you go with something unique and attractive like the floating alternative, you should be able to transform your kitchen from casual to extraordinary.

These days, the norm is boring. To make your kitchen stand out, you have to go for something that’s beyond the imagination, and that is precisely what floating shelves offer.

  1. Update your lighting

Do you still have a bunch of fluorescent lights adorning your kitchen? Or is your kitchen home to many old-fashioned lights that give your kitchen an “old” vibe? A good way to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank is by improving your lighting.

Go for modern but affordable light fixtures locally or online, but be aware that fitting entirely new lighting can take a few days, so your kitchen may be out of action for a while. Replacing wiring can be messy and dangerous, so make sure your electrician uses a lockout-tagout on any wires that might be exposed overnight. A LOTO locks brand like Tradesafe sells high-quality locks that will keep you and your family safe during the electrical work, so ask your electrician what they intend to use before they start exposing wires.
If you’re ready to go ahead with your new lighting project, you can consider these kitchen lighting hacks:

  • Add kitchen pendant lighting over your island or peninsula
  • Consider kitchen under-cabinet lighting to lighten up your counter for working and add ambiance
  • Consider over-the-sink and decorative lighting

  1. Change your hardware

A modernized kitchen wouldn’t look good with old or outdated hardware. To ensure that things are balanced, you’ll have to update your cabinet hardware and/ or your faucet. Doing so will have a significant effect on the appearance, ambiance, and vibe of your kitchen. The best part? You don’t have to break the bank to update your cabinet hardware.

You can go for black, steel polished chrome, or bold brass cabinet hardware (even if you have stainless steel appliances). The smallest update matters, so make sure you prioritize them.


Don’t have $12,000 for a complete kitchen remodel project? No problem! You don’t need that much to spruce up your kitchen. With the tips above, you can do that on an affordable budget.

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