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Easy and Fun Paint Magic

I have been looking for activities to help limit screen time.  We really try to be mind full with our screen time but during the winter months findings indoor activities can get tricky.  Happy Fox Books has come to the rescue! Their team has put together an amazing and engaging new series, Easy and Fun Paint Magic with Water Books.  Fox Publishing designers have honed in on numerous developmental building blocks. This series showcases bold colors, shapes and engaging scenes on each page!  Even though these books are rated for 4+, my daughter, Aurora, who is two years old enjoyed the interactive pages.

The Coloring Books: 

The books are part of a four book series. The series includes coloring books about Dinosaurs, Fairies, Unicorns and Aurora’s favorite, Animals.  The books come with a paint brush. (Watch how you put the paint brushes in the dishwasher. I found out that the brushes can easily slip through the utensil rack and melt! Whoopsie!) The water color is so gentle and easy to clean up a quick rinse in the sink is all that is needed.

The Pages: 

The pages have a nice perforated edge which makes removal from the books a breeze.  The edges rip off clean and easy.  The ability to remove these pages has greatly increased the life of this activity, giving me more bang for my buck.  If Aurora has a coloring book in her hands she often flips through, colors a little bit on each page and then says all done before moving on to the next task.

In addition to being perforated, the paper is a thick heavy duty construction like paper. This thick paper comes in handy.  Aurora is refining her motor skills, at times she can come off heavy handed with her paintbrush. The card stock like paper allows the paper to retain it’s integrity even when excessive water and pressure are applied to the paper.

In conclusion: 

Aurora and I are really enjoying these children’s books by Fox Publishing. These activity pages allow me to do what mom’s do best, multi-task.  I can set Aurora up to color and juggle a baby on my hip. The activity are an easy set up: a paint brush, pour a small cup of water, rip a page out of the book and stick it to the table top.  (Mom hack: tape the pages to the table top to help facilitate motor skills and increase activity time).  I can walk away after setting up without fear of returning to a mega mess or expensive supplies drying up.  The pages are very interactive with a variety of shapes, animals, colors and scenes.  I am digging how easy it is to generate conversation with Aurora. I will often ask her to point out items on the page.   We hope you enjoy our first project.

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