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3 Tips For Dealing With Climate Change In Real Time


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As the long-range forecasts pencil us in for another summer where the mercury gets higher than ever before – and both the Arctic and the Antarctic record temperatures far above their usual levels – it seems clear that we’re going to have to get used to a warmer climate. A lot of work is going into figuring out how, through sustainable living, we can mitigate the worst of the change that is ahead, but it won’t be lost on any of us that we’re dealing with actual climate change in the here and now. There are too many signs for it to be legitimately ignored.


So, while it remains a good idea to follow the advice on how not to contribute to the acceleration of climate change, it is also fair to say that we have another concern to bear in mind. How do we deal with the increase in temperatures we’re facing in the present day? How do we live with climate change while also trying to fight future change? Below, we’ll look into some tips.


Ensure your home is energy efficient


Higher temperatures – and the cold snaps that are increasingly common in winter – can be guaranteed to make us all reach for what makes us more comfortable. While the weather outside is hostile, the indoors can be made cosier (or cooler). However, if everyone is doing that at once, it can lead to a power demand on the grid that causes blackouts and brownouts. Having access to an efficient heating and cooling system will ensure you place less of a strain on the grid, and also that you get the best possible benefit from periods when your energy supply is secure.


Try to expand your diet


Food shortages are one of the markers used in Hollywood to demonstrate that a situation has grown critical. Well, we do have food shortages in the here and now, so you can make of that what you will. The pandemic era seems to have been a tipping point, but the supply chain has not recovered even as limitations are lifted. Meat and poultry have been among the affected foodstuffs, so experimenting with meat-free dining and managing a veg garden at home might well be a smart idea in the immediate term.


Move to higher ground


Extreme weather events are becoming more common across the world, not just in the USA, and it’s not a trend that is going to go into reverse any time soon. There are going to be more high winds, more bitter rainstorms and more flooding in the foreseeable future. So if you have the capability to do so, it would be a good idea to move away from areas that are at greater risk of flooding. However much some people sneer at the idea of survivalism, being ready to decamp to a mobile home and escape the area even temporarily will also help you through the most problematic times.


Dealing with climate change at the moment is going to mean thinking outside the box at times. Researchers could be doing their best to study and monitor climate changes as well as predict frequent transitions in the weather with the help of cellular weather stations, which you can learn more about on the internet. However, as a part of this ecosystem, every human being has a role to play in controlling environmental shifts and reducing our impact on the planet.

There are straightforward changes you can make in your daily life and also some curveballs. Be prepared to make changes you didn’t expect would be necessary, and it will be easier to handle.

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