When it comes to gift giving, where do we start? For some of us, gift giving can be a stressful, manic time of rushing around in a panic trying to get everything sorted. For the more organised ones out there, it means casually browsing around and picking up that meaningful gift for that special someone. Well, if the first one sounds anything like you, then this is the blog post for you!

1. Start Early:


We know it seems like the obvious answer, but we know that you need reminding again. We are all guilty of leaving things to the last minute and then rushing around to get it done just in time! Well, here is your gentle reminder…start now! Seriously, today! Even if you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “Hmm, well, I haven’t got any birthdays coming up for a couple of months,” that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about gifting.


Starting early and keeping your eyes peeled for the right gift for your loved ones is the best way to be organised with gifting. So, start today. Plan ahead and think of who you’re going to have to get gifts for which will get you on the road to being organised.


2. Keep a Record:


Okay, so now we’ve got the first step of starting early down. Now that we do, it’s equally important to keep a record. C’mon, we’ve all been there! We buy a couple of gifts nice and early, thinking we’re organised. But then we end up forgetting what we got for everyone! So, the trick here is to keep a record. You buy a gift, then write it down! Seriously, this is the best way to stay on track with your gifting.


3. Shop Online With Categories to Find The Perfect Gift:


This is more of a hack than a tip! Shopping online is meant to be super easy, fast and convenient but sometimes we can spend hours searching for the products we want! That’s why here at Story Jewellery, we made a conscious effort to make your online shopping experience, fast, smooth, and easy by using categories. And if you’re looking for gifts for your kids, Toy Shop is also one of your best options.

We have search categories which make it super simple for you to look through just the gifts for whoever you have in mind. Using our categories feature on our website, you can find tailored gifts for whoever you’re shopping for. For example, check out our category to shop for your daughter.


So, be sure to take advantage of the categories on an online shop to make your shopping quicker and easier. From skin care gifts to toys, filtering the items using categories will surely prove to be helpful.


4. Shop for Meaningful Gifts:

The last tip we have in store is shopping for meaningful gifts. Meaningful gifts are a great way to stay organized as you won’t forget which presents are for the people you’ve intended.

Shopping for meaningful gifts gives that extra wow-factor for your loved one as well as making it easier for you to remember what you got for everybody as gifts with a meaning stick in our minds! Give it a try! Next time, think of something relevant to that special person and notice how you instantly remember when you got it, who it’s for, and when the special day is! It’s almost like magic! To help you with this, our products are designed with gifts in mind which is why we ensure all of our jewellery comes with a deep and meaningful message card to show your loved ones what they mean to you. Check out our range of jewellery!