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5 Ways to Refresh Your Little One’s Wardrobe This Spring

These days, having the newest and trendiest clothes in your little one’s wardrobe is less about showing off and more about practicality. You need clothes that can withstand all of the messes they’ll make while also staying fashionable and functional, which can be a challenge when you have to consider both at once. That’s why this spring you should consider refreshing your little one’s wardrobe with these five ways to refresh your little one’s wardrobe this spring.



While it might sound counterintuitive, wearing a layer of clothing underneath your little one’s spring outfits can help you keep things warm while the weather transitions from cool to warm. Spring can be tricky since the temperatures can peak during the afternoon and come back down in the evening which is why layers are so important – you can peel them as the weather sees fit so that your little one can remain comfortable throughout the day. Layering can be something as simple as wearing these really cute girl’s dresses on top of a long-sleeved bodysuit and a light denim jacket. Remember to balance the pieces out. Don’t purchase heavy layers, after all, it’s not winter anymore. Instead, add light pieces to her wardrobe that will keep her warm during the colder beginning months of spring.


Keep an eye for color trends

If you spend a lot of time with your kids, you’ll notice that they have distinct preferences for colors and styles. If you can identify which colors or styles they like and when it can help make shopping easier for both you and them. Let’s say it’s springtime, warmer weather is on its way and your daughter seems to really prefer pastels. Seeing a pattern in her wardrobe preferences gives you an indication of what types of clothes she might be excited about next season. It could save lots of trips to various clothing stores while also giving her exactly what she wants! This season is all about the hot pinks such as Fuschia and lime greens which is a good starting point if she doesn’t know what she likes. Of course, you’ll have to add a few floral pieces because nothing says spring more than floral prints. 


Add some fun patterns

Of course, you’ll have to add a few floral pieces because nothing says spring more than floral prints. But remember that spring isn’t just about pastels and florals. Stripes and polka dots can work too—as long as they aren’t overpowering your little one’s look (that means one or two of these fun patterns at most). 


Consider Shoes

The most obvious way to refresh your little one’s wardrobe is with a new spring-appropriate outfit, especially when it comes time to plan the family’s Easter Sunday outfits. But you’re only as stylish as your shoes, so be sure that she has appropriate shoes for every outfit that you add. Sandals may be fine for summer, but the cold weather during those first few weeks (and even months in some places) necessitates booties and closed-toe shoes such as the classic pair of Mary Janes.


Pick Up a New Coat

Winter is slowly winding down. Before you know it, trees will start blooming and Easter baskets will line store shelves. If your little one outgrew her last spring coat, it’s time to replace it. Keep in mind that a spring coat should be different than her winter coat as it should be much lighter. It’s usually best to find something with a lighter fabric such as cotton or denim instead of wool or polyester. Just because spring has sprung doesn’t mean it’s never cold again; so find something she can wear year-round. 


If you’re looking for a great way to refresh your little one’s wardrobe for spring, consider buying some of these new essentials


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