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Five Ways To Tackle Your Family Finances In 2022

In 2022, you will finally take control of your family’s finances instead of letting them control you. You know it’s time to get serious about financial independence. Here are 6 steps to take.

Track Your Spending

Start tracking your family’s spending. It will initially hurt. When you put in the effort and see what money is spent on, you realise why your savings account isn’t where you want it. Make a spreadsheet, get an app, or just write it all down. Finding out where your family’s money goes is the first step to changing it. Anything from popping to the corner shop to hiring a car crash lawyer needs to be included.

Use A Budget

Budgeting isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Finding a budget type that works for you is the first step. Find what works for you, whether it’s a spiral notebook, an excel spreadsheet, or computer software or a budgeting app. “Zero Down Your Debt”, one of my favourite money books, describes how we currently use a zero-sum budget. If none of these appeals to you best, you can always reach out to specialists (such as this Family Financial Planning Grand Rapids team, for example) who can provide better guidance on how to manage your budget properly.

Funding For An Emergency

Unexpected expenses seem to appear out of nowhere and always at the worst possible time if you’ve been “adulting” for 10 minutes. Not planning for the unexpected is an easy way to blow your budget. Having an emergency fund can help when life happens.

How much should you save for a disaster? The number depends on your family’s circumstances. 3 months of expenses may be enough if you have a steady job and good insurance. 6-12 months would be ideal. What if you still owe money? Begin modestly.

Build a $1,000 emergency fund first, then work on paying off your debt. As your debt fades, keep adding to your emergency fund until it meets your needs. Your emergency fund should be large enough to give you peace of mind as you plan to take control of your family’s finances. You could also look at blogs like, which discuss financial independence and assist professionals in creating the life they want outside of their business or work environment.

Remove As Much Debt As Possible

Debt kills all financial hopes and dreams. It will depress you and cause much frustration in your family. Make a plan to pay off all your debt, whether it’s credit card debt, student loans, or something else. You lose control if you don’t.

There are many ways to deal with family debt. The debt snowball and avalanche methods. We’ll get to those debt management strategies soon. Whether you chose the debt snowball, avalanche, or hurricane method, Create a plan to pay off debt and get your family out of the financial hole you’ve dug.

For instance, if you owe a debt to financial institutions like banks or any big money lenders, they might take the help of a debt collection lawyer (for more information, go here) against you; if you won’t pay them back in time. If you don’t want to involve in those legal problems, you can clear their debts at the earliest.

Savings For The Future

Having tracked every penny, become a budgeting ninja, made a plan, created emergency funds, and paid off all your bills, you can now think about financial suicide in 2021. How can you save for your family’s future?

Maybe you want to retire early or quit your job to start your own business. Considering setting up a family travel fund to see the world? Maybe you want to save for your kids’ college so they don’t have to struggle as you did. These are all things to consider now that your family has achieved financial success.

So sit down with your spouse, set some financial goals (short and long term), and get to work. It will be worth the effort to achieve these goals.

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