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A leaky home can be devastating for your family’s health and affect your ability to undertake repairs and sell the property. Keep in mind that most of the time, people would refrain from buying a house that has numerous unrepaired leaks. However, there are chances that firms like ASAP Cash Offer, which happen to offer instant cash for houses dallas, would buy such a house. Still, you shouldn’t avoid repairing whatever needs to be repaired. Remember that if the leaks are left unattended, they may pose more serious threats to your house making it as good as a heap of bricks and cement.

That said, remember that Small moisture problems not only cause damping and property loss but also, attract termites. In such cases, you would need to call in professionals like termite control in NYC who could treat this problem. But first, the plumbing needs an immediate fix! Plumbing leaks are often less evident than a faucet that spits out all the water. They are often simple drops or trickles that can lead to costly damages. A recent US study has shown water damage and freezing as a common cause of property damage. That said, here are the top five signs you have a leaky home.

Unexplained high water bills

Your water bills generally remain consistent throughout the year, depending on the number of people in your household. However, billing amounts can be high at specific periods in the year. For instance, your lawn may require a lot of watering during the summer than in other months. Yet, if you notice an unexplained increase in your water bills, it could be an indication of a hidden leak somewhere in your house.

Stained or rotten carpets

Water can seep through your roof onto your carpet during heavy rains. Check your carpet for damp or rusty carpet fasteners like nails and staplers, as leaky areas are usually displayed as wet spots on the mat. If your house has a basement, a puddle on the floor may signify a slab leak. Furthermore, puddles and lush spots in the garden often mean leaks in your sewers and central water pipes.

The appearance of large cracks

Cracks on walls are common problems many homeowners face. While small cracks on your exterior walls and stairs are not usually a concern, large external cracks, often in a zigzag pattern, may require a foundation repair as the home settles over time. However, water leaks can cause structural damage to your property when left undetected and untreated. Water penetration is one of the most common problems associated with basements. It can ultimately lead to many problems that can harm your foundation.

Ceiling lining sagging

Water damage from leaky roofs can cause significant ceiling problems. When only a few liters of water permeate the insulation fibers, kilograms of weight build up on the ceiling plasterboard and push it further towards a breakpoint. Soaked insulation is very heavy and can cause serious injury to your family and your home if left unchecked. If you notice a slow-growing patch or ceiling stains, it may indicate a leak in your roof. Roof leaks can be hard to find, so it is vital to call Roof Repair Services | Roof Plus or similar ones to have them fixed immediately.

Mold or fungi

Poor home ventilation can cause Mould or fungi growth. However, the combination of the two on your surfaces can be an indication of a leak in your home. Mold or fungi are more evident through stained and colored walls and could likewise grow on your walls, books, kids’ toys, and even your CDs. Mold can quickly turn your prized possessions into musty remainders. Moreover, the health risks of mold and fungi growth are many. For instance, it can cause breathing problems, trigger allergies, and produce bacteria and microbes that could cause an inflammatory response in some individuals.