Botox has been in existence since the end of the 19th century. It was originally discovered by Emile Vann Ermengem, he realized that the botulinum bacteria caused food poisoning in humans. During the Second World War, he and his team worked on military applications for this bacteria. But, the real breakthrough came in 1953 when it was discovered that in its purified form it could be injected into muscles and caused them to temporarily relax.

This led to further tests and ultimately, in the late 1980s it was renamed Botox; At this stage, it was only used for help with spasming muscles. It wasn’t until 1992 the effect on wrinkles was observed. This obviously led to a dramatic increase in interest from dermatologists and the public, giving birth to the botox so well known today. 

Dentists today are continuing to innovate and find new ways that Botox is useful. But,  it is important to note that, if you are having Botox treatment, get it done by a reputable specialist, such as this dentist Campsie.

Joint Disorders

Botox has been found to be beneficial in treating joint disorders, specifically the temporomandibular joint which is where the skull and the jawbone meet. A Botox injection will relax the jaw muscles enough to relieve this painful jaw condition. 

The trick is n knowing how much Botox to use to get the right results.

Teeth Clenching

Some people grind or clench their teeth overnight, others do it when stressed. Whatever the reason it can be damaging to the health of your teeth. But, it can also be hard to stop and the traditional mouth guard has been the only option thus far. Fortunately, Botox is coming to the rescue. A small injection relaxes the muscles just enough to reduce the strength of the clenching and reduce or eliminate the possibility of causing damage to your teeth.

The Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is literally a smile that shows a lot of gum,  says this expert Invisalign dentist in West Point. It is usually the result of having a high lip line and not something you can easily do anything about unless you use Botox. 

The Botox thickens the top lip, effectively lowering it and reducing the amount of gums on show. 


If you have lost your teeth you will need to rely on dentures. The problem with long-term denture wearing is that the muscles in your lip and mouth change, making it difficult to accommodate your dentures. Botox relaxes these muscles, ensuring you can train them to fit around your dentures and be more comfortable. 

These are only a few of the ways in which you can use Botox to improve your appearance, boost your confidence, and smile confidently again. Botox is considered a safe substance and is carefully regulated by the government. 

All you have to do is find a reputable dentist and discuss the issue along with the potential solution. They will handle everything else from there on in, giving you the perfect smile you always wanted.