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The Benefits of Online English Courses

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Fostering a love of reading and writing is at the top of the list for many parents. Studying English opens kids’ eyes to different perspectives, teaches necessary critical thinking skills and effective communication tactics. It’s an all-around powerhouse when it comes to transitioning kids from a childhood of boundless imagination to an adulthood of measured thinking (and also boundless imagination, of course!).

Eventually, though, you have to choose how best to facilitate a young person’s love of reading and writing. In specific, you must decide how they take their English courses. For centuries, the two options were traditional brick-and-mortar schools or home-schooling. But in the past decade, a third option has emerged: online courses.

Combining the best of both previous options, online courses could be the perfect way for your kids to study their English courses, whether it’s Grade 9 English or ENG4U Grade 12 English. Let’s take a closer look.

The Flexibility Gives Teens More Time to Read

Online courses are flexible. They don’t have set start or end dates, nor do they require students to physically sit in a classroom for six-plus hours every morning and afternoon. Instead, students are free to make their own hours.

The flexibility afforded by online courses allows students passionate about English more time to focus on the meat and potatoes of English class: reading. They can decide when, where and how often to read their course materials and extracurricular materials.

Credit: Anthony Shkraba Via Pexels

Self-Paced Courses Accommodate All Types of Learners

Online courses are also “self-paced.” Self-pacing refers to a model of education that “proceeds based on learner response.” In other words, the student is in charge of how fast or slow they cover units, learn concepts and finish reading materials.

If they find something easy, they may breeze through it in a short period. By contrast, students having difficulty can take their time to understand and internalize materials. This is a win-win for students.

A Distraction-Free, Consolidated Study Hub Promotes Concentration

English courses often reward concentration. When a student isn’t close-reading a text, they are meticulously writing a complex critical essay.

For some students, this concentration is hard to achieve when classroom distractions are present. Harmless distractions like conversations can derail their confrontation. Or worse yet, they may be distracted by bullying or peer pressure.

Moreover, online students benefit from a consolidated study hub – a single location (their home laptop or desktop computer) containing all the resources, schedules and information they need for their English class.

Ample Support for Teens Who Struggle with English Courses

Finally, courses at the best online schools will offer plenty of support to their students. First off, signing up for a course may be as simple as filling up an english learning application form, paying the prescribed fee, and getting started! Once the course starts, students can schedule virtual meetings with their instructors to discuss course material and academic plans, and they can also access 24/7 tutoring services through the school (at no additional charge). When combined with the self-paced model for learning, this robust support system helps ensure that every kid succeeds in their online English course.

It’s good to know your options. While many students are comfortable in brick-and-mortar classrooms or home-schooled structures, others greatly benefit from the hybrid model a virtual school offers. Of course, before you make any final decision, discuss online English courses with your kid

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