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The Equipment Restaurants Use

A chef will value equipment because it is what will earn them a living and allow them to work efficiently. As you can imagine, it will only be the best equipment that a chef will use to ensure effective food preparation. Thankfully, not all food preparation will be by hand, ensuring that the restaurant can open on time for business and serve customers within reasonable time frames. The equipment used, however, must be maintained to a level that makes it useful and ensures it remains safe for kitchen staff to work with. This makes it advantageous to think about quality Hobart replacement parts for sale when it comes to your restaurant maintenance and equipment purchasing decisions.

During this article, we will look at the types of equipment that are available for restaurant use and therefore useful to a chef and the rest of their cooking team. The team in order of ranking, who will all have something to do with the equipment, will be the Executive Chef, Head Chef (Chef de Cuisine), Deputy Chef (Sous Chef), Station Chef (Chef de Partie), Junior Chef (Commis Chef), Kitchen Porter, and Purchasing Manager. The decision in purchasing equipment may well rest on the shoulders of the Purchasing Manager, but the chefs will have a say too.

Meat Preparation Parts

In terms of preparing meat effectively for a meal, a restaurant will need to regularly review the equipment that they use to make sure that all the parts contained within the equipment continue to work properly. For instance, consideration will need to be given to meat saw parts, meat slicer parts, meat tenderizer parts, and meat grinder parts. Replacements can be obtained for all of these. It is about having the right blades and right other accessories for effective meat preparation when it comes to having meals and covers ready on time. Much of a chef’s preparation will be done before a restaurant opens, but some of it will be done while the restaurant is open to ensure freshly prepared and hot meals. So, nobody wants equipment that makes the job take longer. The equipment used will contain many parts that will wear out over time, and so then make cutting and dealing with meat a lot less efficient. Time is all-important in a chef’s kitchen. Nobody wants to switch to preparing everything by hand when there is so much to be done.

Restaurant Equipment

Sometimes a whole piece of equipment will need replacing, or buying in the first place when starting up a new kitchen from scratch. The types of equipment that you might want for a more industrial set-up, as opposed to what you would use at home, will likely be similar but you will demand more durability. You will want to purchase industrial can openers, sharpeners, and scales. For a take-ways restaurant, you might also need heat sealers for sandwich bags and label printers to identify the different orders for collection later.

It saves time to have a can opened by a machine as opposed to having to open each can by hand. Also, sharpeners should be of industry quality as a chef will only want to work with a sharp knife, which will be more regularly sharpened than it would at home. Make sure that you get the proper equipment for every purpose. Having the right company to design your industrial product suitable for your restaurant can ensure business success.


Now that you have found a company that can reliably supply restaurant parts and equipment, you will want their service to not just include supply but also its installation and related services to ensure its smooth functioning. For instance, if you have decided to purchase a refrigerator from FFD- Commercial Refrigeration, you would obviously want it to be installed in your kitchen by the FFD – Commercial Refrigeration Specialists, so as to ensure that the machine is functioning at its optimum condition. Some companies might provide user manuals and videos on how to use equipment and replace certain parts, so that you can do it yourself. The latter option can save money but getting professional installation is always better and more preferred.

In summary, we need to think about the parts that keep the equipment running as much as the equipment itself when we run or work in a restaurant kitchen. It is a matter of effective food preparation and safety and everyone knowing how to use and keep the equipment running as part of their job. There is a lot of cooking involved in a restaurant kitchen and multiple stoves and ovens are constantly burning. This makes the installation of safety features, especially a machine to prevent any fire accidents tends to become crucial. Well, most restaurants are generally aware of this fact, and hence, along with investing in the right cutting and chopping tools, they tend to invest in some safety features as well like this Gold Standard Fire Protection in San Diego, for instance, if their food business is based in this city. Such features tend to ensure that the businesses keep running smoothly and efficiently.

That said, there is a pecking order to the running of a professional kitchen but it will be the chefs liaising with the Purchasing Manager that will make the buying decisions when it comes to what equipment the restaurant kitchen will have and how best to keep it running.

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