Divorce and child custody cases have been consistently rising in Canada since 2000. In 2020, approximately 2.71 million people got divorced. And many among these were parents of one or two kids.


Speaking the obvious, divorce and custody have an enormous impact on children. At the same time, it is a huge change for parents as well.


That’s why it is crucial to take help from a family lawyer and facilitate the proceedings. In addition to this, parents need to potentially learn more about understanding duties and responsibilities under the Divorce Law as thid is also vital. It will help build and nurture co-parenting relationships, which will work for the best interest of all.


Having said that, let’s learn about your parenting duties!


  • Always Consider Best Interest Of Your Child

Suppose you have an old custody order (from before March 1, 2021) or a parenting order from the court stating the parent’s decision-making responsibilities and parenting time. In that case, you must ACT in your child’s best interest. In simple terms, even if both parents have issues with each other, whenever they make any decision related to their kid, they must put aside their personal issues and set a common ground to select the best for the kid.


For instance, if you have to select a school for your child, you must choose the one which offers the best education or the most benefits to your kid.


  • Protect Your Child From Conflicts

More often, divorce proceedings and child custody go simultaneously. Therefore, if you are involved in court proceedings, it is your duty to protect your kid from any kind of conflict. Needless to say, these conflicts can have a severe impact on your kids’ mental health or behaviour.


So, you must avoid talking about legal cases in front of your kids. In addition to this, you must also select your family lawyer wisely, as their experience and knowledge about matters can help you to a great extent. They can also help you decide the terms that ensure your and your child’s safety.


  • Must-Follow Family Dispute Resolution Process

According to the Divorce Act, whenever there is any dispute among the parents, they must follow the family dispute resolution process to resolve it. This process is basically an out-of-court dispute resolution process including peaceful negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.


These processes are more affordable, faster and collaborative as compared to a court proceeding.


Nevertheless, family dispute resolution is not always an appropriate solution. For instance, cases involving violence or including safety issues and concerns can not be resolved through this resolution. That’s why you must consult your lawyer before deciding anything. They can analyze your case and offer the best legal advice.


Note: Remember you have to follow the court orders. Otherwise, you might have to face legal consequences. Always consult your lawyer before doing anything.


To Sum It All Up!

Divorce and custody procedures can get very overwhelming; nevertheless, it is essential to complete your duties and create a good co-parenting relationship for your child’s wellbeing. Also, to avoid any complications, you must hire a family lawyer to protect your rights.