Food presentation has been around for hundreds of years. It was once something very common for feasts that upper-class families would host, and nowadays it’s something that all can enjoy and appreciate. From fancy Michelin-starred restaurants to tiny holes-in-the-wall cafes, people have come to enjoy and embrace the beautiful creations on their plates.

 If you go to a restaurant or even look through social media such as Instagram, you’re bound to see too many beautifully presented foods. Something as simple as toast has gained in popularity thanks to creative presentation. Food presentation enhances the experience of the meal while indulging in multiple senses. If you’re looking to create your own gorgeous presentations for your plate then look no further! 

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Have fun with it

Some dishes are naturally prettier compared to others. Colorful salads are going to look far better than stews, but that doesn’t mean some things are off-limits. Of course not! The beauty of presentation in food means there’s the option of being creative and just having fun with it all. The plate is your canvas and the food is your paint. You can make whatever you want such as the best challah recipe, soup, or anything you want. While the looks are great, it’s still all about the taste of the food.

Perfection is the enemy

Sure, gorgeous meals are a great way to wow and entertain guests at a party but the presentation shouldn’t be stressed over. There is no such thing as perfect, no matter how hard you try. Sure, there are plenty of gorgeous images of food online but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect either. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t spend a lot of time fussing over your dishes and how they look. Presentation is meant to be something fun, but it’s best to not take it seriously. You make food to indulge and enjoy eating it, not just looking at it.

Think about your dishes

Dishes can truly help with enhancing the appearance and the experience with your food. White, light grey and beige plates and bowls are perfect as they tend to contrast most foods. Contrasts are key and they help in making food look better. You can have fun with your dishes and pick some that have unique designs on them, but in general, they do tend to help with the presentation.  Whether you’re looking for a dinnerware set or just something small to help enrich the dining experience, never overlook the power of a good dish.


To top it all off, you’ll want to garnish your food. This not only makes the meal level up a few points, but it also helps in making it taste much better as well. Just like with dishes, you’ll want to think about contrast. If you made a paprika curry, then you’ll want to garnish it with something that contrasts the red colors, this could be some chopped herbs or a dollop of cream. Garnish is very easy to do, these little pieces are truly the “cherry on top”.