It’s one thing to host a party and another to make your guests feel entertained. So the guests have confirmed attendance, the caterers are already set for the task ahead, music and lights are on location, and you are certain that you are ready and that your guests will enjoy the event. Well, this article will help you past the huddle you have at hand. You might be ready on all fronts, but ensuring your guests party to satisfaction will always remain in the air. Therefore, the article highlights a few tips on ensuring that your guests boast about the fun they had at your event.


Well, a dance floor is usually the first and maybe the main fun event at most parties. Making the dance floor exciting is what you need to focus on. Make your party unique. For instance, you can invite a live band similar to Black Tie Group to perform at your party and get the guests grooving to their rhythm.


Social media rules in the modern era. People are so hungry for likes that they tend to buy Twitter followers or on other social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The idea of a photo booth at the party will definitely be a welcome one as people will be lining up for photos, whether you encourage it or not. Furthermore, pictures do create memories, if not for likes and show off, then it will be for photo albums. You only need to hire a professional photographer, and you’ll have your day saved. If the photoshoot is not controlled, it may take up the whole event. You need to schedule some time for the session, preferably the dying moments of the party.

Cocktail bar

Everyone loves booze. Well, not everyone, but most people do. That is the reason this is an excellent idea. You can hire a professional cocktail bar or with a tight budget, you can have a table with drinks alongside drink dispensers and straws and garnishes making up the bar. Consider getting a bottle or two of some high quality tequila for some boozy cocktails, and maybe an aged scotch for those who like it neat. This is the ultimate party pleaser.

Lawn games

You can come up with random games for your guests to play in the open lawn while having their drinks in their hands and with their party attires. In other words, you need a simple game that the participants don’t need to prep themselves or dress up in jerseys to compete or play.

Lounging area

In addition to the party area or the dance floor, reserve some space separately for the guests to lounge, re-energize, and connect. The area should have couches or lounging chairs to keep the moment comfortable.

Temporary tattoos

This might not be so common, but temporary tattoo booths are a real catch, and they are more popular than you may have originally thought. Though they are not as cool as real tattoos and permanently inking your skin, at least what could be considered as a “bad” tattoo can be removed as soon as possible, and without the need to get in touch with somewhere like Toronto’s best tattoo removal companies (which do a great job by the way). If you want to try temporary tattoos, you will need to purchase the temporary tattoo package or Google online and print them on temporary tattoo papers. People will flock to the place. That is guaranteed.

Dessert buffet

Serving the dessert one at once is great. But, getting to have a buffet of dessert is even much greater. Your guests may try multiple at once, but they will tend to come back. It is much fun since they will target to taste all the dessert flavors at the exhibition.

The bottom line

It is apparent that the sole purpose people agree to party invitations is to have fun. And so, you must create fun. There are many fun ideas now, thanks to the digital age you can incorporate in your party. Again, the objective here is to entertain and not to break your pockets. Therefore, it is advised you choose those activities that are less costly, and your party ill be as fun as you imagined. In case you need a specialist, try Engog.

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