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Keep Your Back Healthy While Working From Home

If you are a freelancer, running a small business from home – or you have recently started working from home, then you might’ve noticed the occasional backache or neck ache. 


Often this is due to bad posture and something that can be fixed and improved over time. 


Bad posture doesn’t just give us the typical aches and pains you’d expect, though. It can also cause headaches, digestion problems, and insufficient sleep too. 


So how can you tackle bad posture and keep your back in good health? 

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Take a look at where and how you are working. Do you find you are working on the sofa in the evenings, extending your neck in a downwards position to see the screen? Or perhaps you are working at the kitchen table and often need to reposition yourself to be more comfortable. 


If you will be working from home on a more permanent basis, an ergonomic workstation is one of the best things you can invest in. This means your neck, back, shoulders and hips are all supported in the right way. 


You might be surprised just how much of a difference a different chair can make to your ability to work for long hours. 


Before you start your workday, begin with a few long stretches. When we sleep, our spine and muscles can get into strange positions that need to be worked out via stretching. 


Morning yoga will usually consider your back and ensure that you get a long stretch and loosen any tense muscles. 

Posture apparatus

There are a few things that we can wear to help our neck and back remain in the correct position all day. 


A posture harness will usually have some straps and a more extended, wider panel that sides across the upper back and shoulders. It counteracts slouching when sitting or standing and can help you train yourself to sit more upright. 


Kt tape upper back applied in an X shape can be a more gentle option but just as effective. It helps to support and position the muscles in the right way. 

Lower back 

As you sit, your lower back takes all of the strain, which can feel like warm radiation. Over time the strain can be displaced to other body parts and cause aches and pains in other areas. 


As mentioned above, a chair that offers lumbar support with an ergonomic design is the best option. However, if you don’t have the budget for a new workstation or chair, you can purchase a pillow that can be placed on your chair to put your lumbar into the correct position. 


Sitting in one position for hours can be one of the most common causes of a stiff neck, back, and other joints. Ensure that you have a timer set so that you get up and move around at least once every hour. 


Although many people find standing or walking desks very beneficial, a Pomodoro work timer can help you easily keep to the timers. 


Good posture doesn’t come naturally to everyone; it is essential to work on it for some people. 


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