Divorced parents with their son visiting lawyer. Concept of child support

In an ideal world, you have a perfect and happy family. Everything works out, and you won’t be needing a family lawyer ever. Well, that’s in an ideal world, because in reality, families go through hiccups and challenges along the way. At some point, you might even need to consult an attorney for legal matters that can’t be resolved with diplomatic talks and negotiations.

As aggravating as it may be, it’s best not to let your frustrations get in the way of making a sound decision amid family issues. Marital-related issues are handled by skilled professionals, especially when you don’t want to commit legal mistakes that could strongly influence the result of what you’re going through.

In case you still wondering if you need to reach out to a lawyer, here are some tell-tale signs that might help you make the right decision:

  • You’re On The Verge Of A Divorce

One of the most challenging processes you’ll need to go through during marriage is, ending it. It may not be what you’ve hoped for your union with your partner, but when things get tough and you can no longer fix it, the most logical thing to do would probably be to consider getting a divorce. This can be a terrifying thought as breaking up a family can have long-reaching consequences, but with the right support, it can provide benefits for estranged spouses. Sometimes research and reading information from family lawyers potentially like Jennifer Croker or your local family lawyer, may help you to understand more about every aspect encompassed by divorce

And since marriage is a legal union, it also goes without saying that divorce is an equally legal and complex process that needs to be handled by a legal practitioner. If you’re from Melbourne and on the verge of a divorce, it’s advisable to seek legal counsel from family lawyers Melbourne who are perfect for the job.

The divorce process in itself is a legal issue that could go on for years, especially if one of the parties isn’t entirely cooperating to resolve it immediately. Law-related problems could arise depending on several factors, such as if you have children or if you both don’t agree on how you’ll be dividing the properties and assets you’ve acquired in the entirety of the marriage.

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  • The Battle For Child Custody Begins

The moment the divorce process begins, you need to prepare for what comes ahead. Fighting for child custody is usually one of the reasons why couples seek legal assistance like Jennifer Croker and others, for example, regardless of the dispute is against the state, the spouse, or another family member. As a parent, you have the right to protect and care for your children even when divorced. In this instance, the best way to do so is by hiring a family lawyer skilled enough to ensure the odds will be in your favor.

If your ex-partner is starting to limit or stop you from seeing the kids, there might be no other option left but to talk to an attorney. Learn to recognize tell-tale signs such as denying your visit or canceling at the last minute. As much as you want things to end well without taking matters to court, you need to toughen up and fight for your legal right the best way you can.

  • A Family Member Died And No Final Will Was Drafted

Unfortunately, death is a part of any family’s journey. As much as you want the grieving process to start and end peacefully, there may be instances when you need to think practically and talk to a family attorney to take care of complex matters urgently, such as inheritance. If someone died and left no final will, it can raise major legal issues among family members, especially if the estate is substantial enough to warrant a legal battle. However, even if the deceased has left a will, then also you might need to hire the services of a Probate lawyer who can help in applying to the Probate Office for a Grant of Probate. This could ease the process of distributing the estate among the inheritors.

Another sign that you need to hire the services of a lawyer is if someone’s terminally ill and unable to write a will on their own. You may think that talking about assets and money is out of line and shouldn’t be discussed in the middle of a family crisis, but you must get things done before you run out of time. These online legal documents are a necessity as they might help avoid conflicts between various family members.

  • Everyone Else Has Legal Representation

Regardless if it’s inheritance, child custody, or setting up a family trust, you’ll know it’s time to consult a lawyer if everyone else in the circle has legal representation except you. You may have initially hesitated because of personal reasons, but seeing now that your ex or other family members are represented by their own lawyers in court, it’s best to also consider the option for your own good.

Family attorneys can represent you in and out of the courtroom. If you’re able to hire the right one, they’ll help ensure your victory and that your best interests would be highly considered every step of the way.


Family frustrations can’t be avoided, but when things go legally complex, it might be a good decision to consult a lawyer. If you’re on the verge of a divorce or fighting over child custody or inheritance, having legal representation would highly benefit you, especially if the other party already has their own legal representative to help them out.