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Stone Mountain Park – The Best Spot to Explore

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic restricted us to our homes, leaving us stuck in a cycle of work, eat, sleep and repeat. Our schedules were a total mess, and we were always bored. We tested all the DIYs, experimented recipes in our cookbooks, and recreated the Tiktok trends. Yet we were still bored and had nothing fun to do. But the boring time is now over. The world is reopening and allowing travel to all the fun places you always wanted to go. 

As the Covid-19 restrictions are decreasing, more people are going out to explore. People are visiting restaurants, recreational areas, and parks. Many people are taking a break from their work and enjoying a quiet evening with their loved ones. Places with a clean atmosphere, calm surroundings, and good ambiance are high on demand. Beaches, valleys, and mountain trails are a few places where people are going now. Numerous vacationers are choosing the countryside as their next destination. They are taking a break from the usual hustle-bustle of the city and going away for either a weekend or more extended trips. 

For a relaxing and calm vacation, the mountains are the best place to go during this tough time. Stone Mountain Park is one such place, which is a top travel destination and tourist attraction. It is a family destination for fun and adventure near Georgia City, Atlanta. Nestled in 3200 acres of natural beauty, the park has family-friendly attractions, outdoor recreational activities, and various on-site lodging options where families can stay. 

Stone Mountain Park also arranges exciting seasonal events and entertainment to delight every member of the family. To provide safe outdoor entertainment and maintain social distancing, keeping in mind the pandemic, they have reduced their daily capacity. The people visiting the park can make reservations online before visiting. Date-based tickets are available for daily ticket guests. So you can make reservations and have a smooth vacation process. Due to the pandemic, locals are also enjoying such a beautifully designed park. 

Stone Mountain Park is present around Stone Mountain, which formed about 300 million years ago when the molten material just below the earth’s surface pushed upwards. That material cooled slowly over the years and formed a compact, uniform crystals. Over time the top surface eroded, exposing the mountain we see today. The dome-shaped rock rises 1,683 feet above sea level and covers 583 acres.

Stone Mountain Park is full of adventure and endless fun, famous for its attractions. Following are Stone Mountain Attractions that you must see when visiting the place. 

Mowgli 4D Jungle Adventure

Mowgli’s 4D jungle is a unique and interactive experience that allows children of all ages to engage in a thrilling adventure. It is a roller coaster ride where children become part of Mowgli’s quest to save his tiger cub friends, as the evil poachers are on a hunt. In his new adventure, the excitement increases when a unique group of friends joins him, including a formidable black panther, a goofy sloth bear, a caring elephant, and a ruthless tiger. 

The jungle adventure highlights the unique beauty of all animals in a story of friendship, determination, and justice, along with full entertainment. 

Summit Sky Ride

The high-speed Swiss cable car takes the tourists more than 825 feet above ground to the top of Stone Mountain. The tourists can view and enjoy amazing views of the Atlanta skyline, the Appalachian Mountains, and more up to 60 miles away from the top. The Summit Skyride is an incredible experience that allows you to witness the beauty of the surrounding landscapes from the mountain top.

Dinosaur Explore

Stone Mountain Attractions also includes Dinosaur Explore, a prominent adventure place for vacationers. The species which has gone extinct a million years ago come to life again in the park. The Jurassic giants are part of the exhilarating experience of the park. The captivating creature collection features 20 life-size dinosaurs with special stimulation effects that allow them to move and roar just like their ancestor species. It is one of a kind experience which attracts people of all ages.  The interactive activities include paleontology tents, fantastic photo ops, and a dinosaur feeding wall. 

Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf

The greatest attraction in the park is the Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf Course. Inspired by the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862, the golf course brings you to an exhilarating adventure from the perspective of the train’s original crew during the American Civil War. In the chase, make your way through 18 holes in hot pursuit of the stolen General Locomotive. The train-inspired design blends with the natural architecture of Crossroads and Stone MountainPark

Historic Square

Historic Square at Stone Mountain Park is a collection of original buildings from around the State of Georgia, built between 1793 and 1875. Each structure brought from its original site was carefully restored to preserve its authenticity and historical value. You can take a self-guided tour and enjoy the sights and smells of the working cookhouse and garden. This fascinating area also houses the most extensive collection of period furniture and decorations in the south, reflecting the diverse lifestyles of 18th and 19th century Georgia residents.

Scenic Railroad

Another place included in the Stone Mountain Attractions is the Scenic Railroad. Jump on the open-air cars and have a breathtaking experience going through Stone Mountain Park. The train goes through a route around the mountains and deep forests, giving the tourists a delightful experience. The natural beauty and landscapes around the mountain refresh your mind. It is a five-mile excursion that lasts for 25-30 minutes but leaves you longing for more. People can board and de-board from Marketplace Depot in Crossroads.  


Museum at Memorial Hall

Stone Mountain Attractions includes a museum that features artifacts and stories that span 12,000 years, from ancient civilizations that lived on the mountain to the present-day park. It teaches the visitors about Native Americans, pioneer settlers, and the effect of the Civil War on the community. It also portrays how the Stone Mountain granite helped build the local economy. The carving on Stone Mountain is the largest relief carving in the world. You can learn how it came to be through exhibits featuring original designs, scale models, and the 11-minute feature film ‘The Men Who Carved the Mountain’.

Geyser Towers

Another place on Stone Mountain Attractions list is a tower overlooking the geysers. Multiple levels of suspended rope bridges and net tunnels connect you to towering platforms that show the gushing geyser. With sporadic eruptions and multiple offshoots, you can play in the spray or stay high and dry. Geyser Towers offers plenty of room for adults and the perfect amount of excitement for the kids visiting Stone Mountain Park.


Final Thoughts

Stone Mountain Park is a safe space for those who want adventure, fun, and family time without traveling out of the city. The place ensures adequate physical distancing and aims to maintain all guidelines and restrictions. In such hard times, families need to refresh their minds and restore their energy for work, and the beautiful park is the place to be. 

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