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Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean Your Bathroom



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Experts recommend sanitising the bathroom at least once a week and performing a deep cleaning once a month. However, wiping spills or wet areas and cleaning visible dirt is something you must do regularly to prevent mould, mildew and grimes or stains from building up. Several commercial cleaning products are available in the market, but they may contain toxic ingredients harmful to the family and the environment. 


Be sure to check the contents of these cleaning items and only go for the green options. Some are made with eco-friendly substances. They are effective in eliminating dirt, and at the same time, you can be sure they are free from chemicals. Besides these cleaning products, there are also other green options to clean your bathroom. For example, you can make your cleaning solution using different ingredients, which you may already have in your pantry. 




It may not be the favourite thing you want to clean in the bathroom, but it’s one of the most used, so you need to do the job. Plus, a filthy toilet is not hygienic, and it’s also unsightly. Many people use bleach, but it has chemicals that are bad for the surroundings, and it smells harsh. So instead of using that, a green way to clean your toilet is by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with half a cup of vinegar. Spray the mixture in the bowl, let it sit for half an hour, then start scrubbing. 




A walk-in shower with easy clean glass is, as what the term suggests, easy to clean. If you plan to get a new one for your bathroom, choose an option with this type of glass. Do not use abrasive materials as they could scratch it. Instead, spray black tea, white vinegar or hot water on the glass, and use newspaper to wipe dry. A steam cleaner will do wonders in cleaning your tiles. You can also spray a mixture of water and vinegar on the tiles and wipe them with a clean cloth. 




Other surfaces in the bathroom and even other parts of the house can be cleaned with vinegar and water mixture, but this time, add lemon juice. Mix a cup of water to a cup of vinegar and the juice of a lemon, put in a spray, and apply on the surfaces you wish to clean. To remove dirt, let the solution sit for some time before wiping with a clean cloth. It will not only sanitise the surfaces but also leave the bathroom smelling fresh. 




Warm water is enough to clean your bathroom mirrors. However, if you have difficulty removing stains, add vinegar to the water and spray on the area you want to clean. Finally, wipe dry with newspaper, towel paper, or clean cloth. 




Pour a quarter cup of baking soda in the drain, then half a cup of vinegar. The mixture will break down debris. After half an hour, pour boiling water to flush dirt. 

Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t need to involve harsh chemicals. Let go of the toxic cleaning products you are familiar with and switch to eco-friendly options listed above. 

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