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4 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Go To College

Not everyone is destined to go to college; not every career requires a degree, and not every person is suited to the college lifestyle. However, if your child doesn’t quite know what they want to do in life, then, as Stephen Troese Jr. will attest, college could be an excellent way to find out – it can really help to shape them and their ideas. If that is the case, then here are some ways that you can help to encourage your undecided child to go to college. 

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Save Money 

When your child is born, you can start with the assumption that they will go to college and begin to save for that eventuality immediately. You might choose to put money into a savings account, or safely invest (with plenty of advice), for example. However you do it, having that money to hand will give you and your child the impetus to use it for what it was originally intended. Having this money will also show your child that you always had faith in their abilities, which can help them get past any confidence issues they have. 


Encourage An Interest In Learning 

Not everyone enjoys high school, but everyone can enjoy learning if it is done in the right way. As a parent, you can make it your job to show your children just how much fun learning can be. Take them on nature walks or to special workshops so that they can learn at their own speed. Give them knowledge and a passion for the world in general so that they want to continue learning. When they leave high school, it makes sense for them to attend college because they will be able to pursue their own interests and keep learning for longer. 


Show Them The School 

One of the best ways to encourage a child who is wavering about what to do about attending college is to take them to a school to show them around. Having a tour of the facilities and discovering all the things they could do while they are there, speaking to tutors and finding out more about the classes on offer, and meeting the kinds of people who will become their peers and friendship groups can give them all the encouragement they need to take the next step and apply for their college place. 


Don’t Push Too Hard 

As a parent, you might be determined that your child goes to college and gets the best education possible, but even if that has been your dream since your kids were little, that doesn’t mean it is going to happen right now, or ever. Your child might decide that school just isn’t right for them at the moment, and if that is the case, then you must not push them too hard. If you do, they might apply to keep you happy, but they will be miserable, and no parent wants that to happen. If college is something they choose to do at a later date, they will have that opportunity. 


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