Drug testing is not a new subject matter, as most employers or companies require this before employment. The examinations are painless and are carried out to check for particular hard drugs that may be present in an individual’s body system. These tests are usually carried out to check for the traces of drugs like barbiturates, amphetamines, cocaine, benzodiazepines, PCP, narcotics, and methadone amongst others.

There are several ways these could be carried out. Some of the popular ways include urine examination, hair analysis, and blood tests. You can visit https://www.verywellfamily.com/drug-testing-methods-2606200 to learn more about the other types of tests and how accurate they are. When these tests are carried out, doctors can easily detect a potential drug abuse issue.

They can then use the result to come up with treatment plans. After this, you might be required to take regular drug tests to help keep you in check and ensure the treatment is working. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people need to undergo this test.

Reasons for Taking a Drug Test

You might be asking questions like, why do I need to take a drug test? Is it important or necessary? The truth about the issue is that it is not mandatory in some cases, though it is important. We will consider some popular reasons why people undergo these tests.

1. Doctors Suspicion

Your health care provider might request you undergo the screening when you are suspected of a possible addiction issue. When you exhibit any signs of confusion or dangerous or strange behaviors, it may give them a cause for concern about your drug health.

2. Residents Test

Residents may be required to undergo regular checkups at rehabilitation centers. This is common with those who are already in rehab centers and undergoing treatments. The regular tests ensure that the persons on treatment for the abuse of substances remain sober. Also, those who are on probation for offenses related to substance abuse will be required to undergo regular tests by the supervising officer.

3. Prove of Innocence

In some cases, a person might be suspected of drug abuse at home and would need to show that he or she is not abusing any substance. This type of test is usually carried out in a home setting. The family doctor is contacted and asked for directions on how it is done.

4. Employment Requirement

Recently, most employers required a drug test report from potential employees before they could be hired. The good thing about this is, it helps employers to screen out potential employees who could have a possible drug issue, especially for jobs that need a high level of focus. This could also reduce the risk of workplace accidents. You can use this link to learn more about how home drug testing kits can help employees understand the limits of their recreational substance use and help them know whether or not they will be able to pass a drug test by their prospective employer.

However, there are new inventions of recipes that drug users take to clear the substance traces in their systems before taking a test. Now you might be asking, “does test clear work?“, and how accurate it is.

Drug Testing and Their Accuracy

Various body specimens could be used for chemical tests that detect traces of substances used within a particular time. However, there are certain restrictions and guidelines to which kind of tests are used. The common tests carried out are urine tests for hard drugs and breath tests for alcohol abuse.

1. Urine Test

Results from this indicate the metabolic activities of substances found in the urine of a person. This simply means that in the case where an individual abuses a drug, its residues which are called metabolites are detected in the body even after the drug effects are no more.

If the results were positive, it doesn’t mean that the person used the drugs at that time. It simply means that the individual used the substance a few days before the test. Urine test is cheap and can be done at home. The substance can be detected within a week using this method.

2. Blood Test

This is used to determine the level of alcohol content in the person’s blood. This method is more accurate in testing for recent drug consumption compared to using urine samples. However, there are not enough studies that explain the relationship between blood levels and drug consumption compared to urine and alcohol.

In addition, substances quickly move through the blood to the urinary system. This test is the most expensive and it can only be done in a lab. So, if you have had a night out with your girlfriends, it would be ideal if you knew what amount you should be drinking and how much of it is legal in your state. Or else, you might want to know what is the penalty for dui hit and run in california or wherever you live – because there is a high chance that you might be pulled up!

3. Hair Analysis

Hair analysis provides a longer testing time frame as it can provide a history of up to 90 days back. The downside to this is that it cannot provide current evidence of traces but only past drug usage. This analysis is moderately expensive and can be done anywhere.

4. Sweat Test

In this category, an adhesive skin patch is used to measure the level of an abused substance in your sweat. This patch looks like an adhesive bandage and is placed on the skin for some time. A permeable membrane prevents the test area from contaminants.

Despite the ease with which this method could be carried out, it is not in regular usage. You can read this article to know the current status of sweat patches in drug testing. The test is expensive and can detect if an individual has been abusing substances for an extended period.

While some bodily excretions show a higher level of accuracy than others, the accuracy of tests depend heavily on:

  1. The procedures for proper handling and testing of samples.
  2. The abilities and skills of the organization that is carrying out the test.
  3. The chemical composition of the drugs.
  4. The technology employed for testing.


There are various reasons why people get tested for drugs. Most employers would require a drug-free test result just to be certain that you won’t be a threat to yourself and others in the workplace. In our homes, we might also be required to prove that we have not been abusing these substances to avoid causing harm to kids or other members of the household.