Paramount Subdivision Meridian, Idaho 83646 is a community spread over an area of just one square mile. It is located off Chinden Boulevard. This is between Meridian and Linder Road. It can be considered the perfect place to live and this article will explain why. For further information about it beyond the scale of this article, go to


Layout and Views

Paramount, Idaho is unique because of its superior layout. It can be considered comprehensive master planning on the part of the designers, landscapers, architects, and builders.

The way everything has been built is to look pleasing to the eye as much as it is to have the community contained. It is somewhere we can be proud to mention to others that we live. Real thought has gone into the planning, design, and development of the area.


Close Community

Because the community of housing is confined to a relatively small area this means that everyone knows and respects each other and so it can be considered a friendly and safe environment in which to live.



If you like to be entertained, wined, and dined, then this is possible downtown, so not far away. Popular restaurants here include Corona Village and Epi’s Basque Restaurant. If you like pizza, then there is the Idaho Pizza Company to satisfy your taste buds. We all need a night out to help us relax and so it is good to have this close by to where we live without it being a noisy part of our home living arrangements. It is like having the best of both worlds in that respect.

Because of the central location of Paramount, Idaho, you have easy access to plenty of places. It is only, for example, a short drive to the airport. Not far away, you have Nampa or Caldwell. Access is everything because we need to get around as travel broadens the mind and the opportunities.


Job Opportunities

Downtown, there are plenty of business and employment opportunities to be had. Everyone wants to be close to activities and employment. It is how we entertain ourselves and survive financially. A booming city economy is just 15 minutes away. Why spend money on commuting long distances to work when your job can be close to home. 

Gardening is a calming and therapeutic hobby that will please those next to you when you are not working, as everyone will appreciate you making the outside even more beautiful than it already is thanks to landscapers involved in this housing project.



Just a 20 to 30-minute drive will take you to Boise State University where your children can be educated to a high standard, to send them along the right path for the future. Also, in Meridian, the Idaho State University has fairly recently opened. So, you have a choice of where to educate your children.


Investment Opportunity

Because Paramount, Idaho is so close to the facilities of downtown, it makes it a wonderful investment opportunity for those looking to buy real estate as an investment as well as to have a place to live that is within a pleasant community.

The housing here is both of quality and affordable. The growth of this community has to be admired. The range of housing in Paramount, Idaho should suit everyone from a one-person family wanting a quiet life, to families looking for a larger house.


In conclusion, Paramount, Idaho has lots to offer its residents and investors. It is a quiet and peaceful place to live yet is close to lots of opportunities in terms of jobs and education. There are plenty of places you can be entertained and dined that are not far away. The layout of the housing makes for a close community where everyone is within visiting distance.