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Some people claim that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. We are not those people because we believe firmly that the bedroom is the most important of all rooms in a modern home. Your bedroom is the one room that has the power to impact your ability to be happy, healthy and wealthy.

If your room is not perfectly set up with all the essentials needed, then you are missing out on a big opportunity to live a more joyous, restful and harmonious life. The bedroom is the one room in the home where you spend the majority of your time. It is a place where your body can renew and recharge itself after a long day; a room where you can be the most vulnerable.

Your bedroom is a reflection of who you are as a person. As such, your bedroom needs to be outfitted with the right accessories and essentials that can make it cozier and more comfortable, so you won’t have problems sleeping at night. To help you transform your bedroom into the wonderland that it should be, here are 7 things you didn’t know your bedroom needed:

A better bed

It comes as no surprise that human beings spend a third of their entire lives in bed. If you are, therefore, not sleeping on a comfortable bed, do yourself a favor and get a better one. Of course, different individuals have varying ideas of what constitutes a good bed. For instance, your back might demand a bed with a firm mattress while someone else would prefer something a little softer. Don’t forget to use high quality bedding like Egyptian cotton.

When choosing the right bed for your needs, you mustn’t rush the process. The last thing you want is to purchase a bed that will cause you more issues than your previous one. As a rule of thumb, never buy a bed online as there is no way to tell just how much it will suit you just by looking at in on the screen. 

Try and visit several stores so that you can try out different shapes, designs, and styles. And don’t just look at the bed; make sure that you lie on it so that you can be completely sure about your decision.

Likewise, consider adding detailed and colorful pillows because placing only two regular ones can make your bed appear bare and subdued. If you prefer sleeping on your tummy, you can use a stomach sleeper pillow to support your head while you sleep. When selecting patterns and shades, see to it you choose those that contrast with your bedsheets while also matching other furnishings inside the room.  

Softer Lighting

If you have bright and harsh lighting in your room, you might want to do something to rectify the situation. Bright light contributes to visual chaos and it can even set you back when you need to sleep. Lighting for any room, including the bedroom, is best when it is done in layers.

As such, this means that you need a mix of ambient, accent and task lighting to meet the needs of the bedroom. Ambient light is the most flattering and also the best for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Only use bright light in spots where they are required such as near your dressing table.

No doubt, layered lighting is beneficial for every room, so make sure your bedroom has plenty of light sources. You may include a floor lamp, overhead lamp, table lamp, or even a task light on your nightstand. Adding these essentials will help to guarantee the comfort of your bedroom. Please note, though, the lamp or fixture you select doesn’t need to be expensive. What’s vital is you include something special.  


When looking for artwork for your bedroom, you should only feature pieces of art that are truly meaningful and speak to you such as this custom star map from Twinkle in Time. Other images to include would be pairings of objects, be they people or soft furry animals. Art that makes you feel sad or lonely should have no place in your bedroom or any room in your house, for that matter.

You will also want to avoid art that contains violent or aggressive undertones. Because your bedroom is your primary spot for repose and sensual healing, any items with negative energy will completely negate the purpose of creating a serene bedroom environment. 

When exploring your choices, don’t restrict yourself to prints, framed portraits, or drawings. Some excellent alternatives are wall decals, tapestries, decorative quilts, intricate mirrors, framed maps, and large photos. You may place a large and impressive accent piece on the area over your bed to give harmony to your bedroom’s appearance. While a cluster of small artworks may be appealing, it may not provide the same impact as compared to a single and forceful masterpiece. 

A lumbar pillow

Whether you work in an office setting or have your own set up at home, spending hours glued to a chair can wreak havoc on your back. If you often suffer from back pain and aches, then a lumbar support pillow can be just what you need to sort the problem out.

A lumbar support pillow is a light and portable type of pillow that is manufactured using memory foam. Lumbar pillows are designed to provide maximum support to your spine, which ultimately relieves any pressure or aches that you may be feeling. Lumbar pillows are designed for use when you are both seated and asleep.

A reading nook

Have an unused corner in your bedroom? Why not turn it into a reading nook? When the weather starts to get a bit chillier, there are a few things better than being indoors, curled up with a good read. Sure, your couch or bed can provide you the same luxury but there is just something so pleasantly lush about having a spot tucked away in your bedroom dedicated just for reading.

Create a reading nook easily with a cozy chair or a plush throw pillow. Having a warm throw blanket will always be an open invitation to crack open one of your favorite books or magazines and don’t forget a small table or shelf where you can neatly arrange your books and pictures.

Satin pillowcases

Silk or satin pillowcases are made using a high sheen fabric that does great things for both the hair and skin. Satin pillowcases are your hair’s best friend, preventing it from frizzing up as well as allowing you to wear your hairstyles for longer. Unlike cotton pillowcases that suck all the moisture out of your hair as well as friction, which consequently leads to hair damage and breakage, satin pillowcases do not absorb moisture.

Resting on the smooth surface provided by satin pillowcases also makes sure that sleep lines and wrinkles do not form on your face. If you suffer from acne, the last thing you want is friction on your face as it can pop open he pimples and spread bacteria to the pillowcase.

A humidifier

The benefits of using a humidifier are many but for most individuals, humidifiers and illness go hand in hand. Feeling a cold or flu coming on? Instinctively, you reach for your humidifier; give it a nice clean from storage and set it up by your bed, hoping that relief will soon come.

If you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems like asthma, then a humidifier is invaluable. Humidifiers make your bedroom environment less conducive for allergens. If your bedroom air is a little too dry, it can also make your throat scratchy and irritated but the best travel humidifiers can rectify all that by making the air moist.

Final Thought

Created your perfect sanctuary? Yes. Decorated it in a manner that is appealing only to you? Definitely. Cozy and filled with all your favorite things? Naturally. With these items above, you can easily transform your bedroom from a fine one to an awe-inspiring one.

As a grown-up, your bedroom should be your safe zone. Therefore, it should be the most calming and peaceful room in your house. Modern life can be tough and messy so the best thing that you can do for yourself is to create a wonderful space in your bedroom where you can retreat to escape it all.


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