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Take Care Of Your Yard For A Fun Summer

When you are a homeowner and the weather begins to warm up for the season, rest assured that there is a yard-specific to-do list that will need to be accomplished. If you are lucky enough to have backyard space for your children to run around in and play or for you to entertain in – stay on top of your yard maintenance for fun times ahead.

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Having trees on your property will provide you with shade and lush greenery to enjoy for many years if you tend to them properly. Trees do require routine trimming, inspection, and maintenance from experts such as Belfast Tree Surgeons or similar ones in your vicinity. Usually, this should occur sometime in the Spring. Without regular care, you may miss bug infestations leading to further and prolonged damage. Unkempt limbs can become hazardous to your home and your neighbors’ homes should the limbs come down and cause unnecessary destruction during a strong wind or storm. When the tree limbs grow out too far from the main tree trunk, they can become unstable to form another opportunity for damage. When the limb tears from the main tree trunk, it can threaten the health of the tree itself by opening it up to water damage which could lead to you needing to contact a Tree Removal Calgary company.

If you find yourself in a situation that requires tree removal, seek out professionals who will direct you on the best course of action. They will discuss options for the removal and disposal of the tree. Engaging with experts will ensure protection for your yard from heavy equipment throughout the process. It is important to utilize the services of a certified arborist who will guide you on the best practices for how to handle your tree.

When you finish with your yard care (or if you want a much-deserved break), try out some of the fun activities for your family in this video.


Caring for your lawn can take some time in the beginning if you have not been diligent about it in the past. You can call it exercise and get the results you want for a summer of fun. Start by raking up the thatch, which is the accumulation of grasses and any leaves or debris leftover from the Fall. Removing thatch gives the grass room to grow and allows access for water and sunlight to reach the roots for maximum growth and health.

Next, if your soil appears compacted, go ahead and aerate it. This process is where the openings from the removed soil plugs allow air to reach the roots. This is especially helpful if your lawn sees a lot of activity from children running around that might lead to soil compaction. If the soil is not aerated, grass will not be able to grow resulting in dead spots.

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If you find yard work to be just that – work – try an internal paradigm shift and look at the process as an opportunity for fun. Make it a family activity, even if your children are small. Pick up some child-sized brooms, rakes, and gloves to get everyone involved. Bring a portable speaker outside and listen to your favorite music. You may just start a beloved family tradition.

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