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A Walk on The Wildside- In Your Backyard!

Kids LOOOVE being outside and enjoying nature. Take them out on any trail and they’ll take great joy in pointing out all of the birds and other wildlife that they see. 


Sadly, local wildlife may struggle to thrive throughout the winter months. Attracting wildlife may usually seem like it calls for the wildlife removal people –and at times it can, but in specific circumstances, it can help to protect local ecosystems. It can also help to give your children the perfect opportunity to learn about the natural world as close as their backyard! If you want to know Is A Tree Consultation Necessary After A Strange Winter Weather? Click on the link.

Did you know that there are a few things you can do at home so that you and your family get to experience the joy of discovering these things together? 

Well, you can! Keep reading to learn how just a few small changes can make the world of difference when it comes to creating a natural world friendly backyard with your kids.


How To Attract Wildlife 


Wild animals need an environment that offers food, water, and shelter to support their needs. Look at what you already have in place already to meet their needs that already make your backyard a welcoming habitat for wildlife.

Decent trees and shrubs not only look pretty but they are really important to provide shelter for wildlife so that they remain safe from poor weather conditions as well as predators. There are some plants that blossom beautifully in the spring and provide vital berries and nuts for winter foods. 


Doing some research about local winter berry and nut producing plants in your area of the world will not only improve the natural landscape, but will also give local wildlife exactly what they need to survive. 


Fun Activities to do With The Kids to Help Create Your Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary 


  1. Make a bird feeder using plain nuts and seeds. This can easily be made from a net that produce comes in, filled with plain peanuts and hung off tree branches.
    Fat Bombs made from suet mixed with nuts and seeds and set in a ball- great messy fun that the kids will enjoy watching the birds eating from. 
  2. Craft a Bug Hotel! Gather sticks, tree bark and moss (make sure to find those that have already fallen from trees and not to pick them off)  together and tie up with thick, weatherproof string and place it on the ground. Over time you will start to attract bugs and minibeasts that kids will enjoy finding and identifying.
    -Why not also create a fun worksheet for the kids to identify the types of bugs that come to stay at the hotel? 
  3. Night vision camera- set up a motion detecting camera from a window and see what animals you can spot together.  
  4. Make a Rock Garden- take an old baking sheet, line with dirt or sand found in the garden and have the kids find rocks and sticks around the backyard and allow them to get creative with designing their own mini rock garden. Watch as minibeasts start to move in! 


What are your go to wildlife attracting activities?


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