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How To Encourage Your Children To Maintain Oral Hygiene

Good hygiene is crucial for reducing the risk of disease and illness. Maintaining good hygiene as an adult is crucial for yourself and to teach your children. Teaching your children good oral hygiene from a young age will encourage them to always brush, maintain good gum health, and reduce oral issues. Also, take them for a regular dental check-up with an expert pediatric dentist. You can do a web search to find a professional (perhaps check out a dentist here) who can provide guidance and appropriate treatment. If your children are anti-brushing or are quite lazy with oral hygiene, here’s how to help them.

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Find a family-friendly dentist surgery

Many children develop a fear of going to the dentist surgery. You may remember being scared yourself. It isn’t always a friendly atmosphere and the tools and equipment can be it feel more daunting.


Yet, if you find a family-friendly dentist that takes your children’s fear into consideration, your child can enjoy the dentist again. When the dentist makes the atmosphere fun yet calming, your child can feel relaxed and somewhat excited when going to the dentist. A practice like CT Orthodontist will assess your children’s teeth and decide on the best treatment plan for them. They will ensure to maximize the health of their teeth and gums for life-long health.


Reward them

Everyone loves rewards, especially children. If your child refuses to brush their teeth before bed or go to the dentist, then it may help to reward them. Do not reward them everytime or with something big because they will get used to it and therefore expect it. Instead, when you notice they have gone out of their way to please you and take care of their teeth, then a reward can encourage them to continue with maintaining their oral hygiene.


Introduce candy as a treat

Children love candy and most would likely eat it every day if they could. To prevent their teeth and gums from deteriorating quickly and avoid a build-up of plaque and decay, encourage them to make healthier food choices. Introducing candy as a treat means that they will eat it little and less often.


Get them to brush with you

To keep a watchful eye on your children and ensure they are brushing and flossing properly, you should get them to brush with you. This will teach them how to brush and floss as well as show them how long you should brush for. If they are lazy with brushing or refuse to do it, then brushing with them and making it a fun activity encourage them to brush well and regularly.


Use songs

Speaking of making brushing your teeth fun, you could use a sing-a-long song to make it playful. The song should last around two minutes to ensure that the brushing time is reached. The child will not get distracted and therefore brush for the required time. You could sing their favorite song, a song about teeth to educate them, or playground tunes. Whatever songs make them excited and play along will encourage them to brush their teeth for the set time.


If your child is lazy with their oral hygiene, utilize these tips to encourage them to improve and put it into everyday practice.


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