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SoftStar Shoes

With 30 years of shoemaking experience, SoftStar Shoes creates beautiful, handcrafted minimalist shoes. The high quality leather that is used to create the shoes is one of kind.

These shoes are made by hand in Oregon by the many elves at SoftStar Shoes. If you’re local to the area you can go and tour the facility, see how the shoes are really made. For those who aren’t local to Oregon, click here for a virtual tour of the facility and the process that is used for creating these adorable shoes. 

SoftStar Shoes offers a wide range of shoes for people of all ages. Specifically we will be looking at the Sued Leather Custom Roo Moccasin.

These little shoes are just adorable; our kids love them. I have been wanting a casual pair of shoes for our kids to wear around the house, and these are it.

Picking out the shoes is maybe the most fun part of the whole process.

The shoes are fully customizable with lots of color options available. Choose the front color, back color, fringe/trim color and style, and a cute little button motif. Our kids loved that we could choose a color and then it would change on the shoe right before their eyes. The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, which is a must when choosing shoes with toddlers.

When we opened up the package and the kids saw the shoes for the first time, they were so thrilled. It was so fun to see their excitement when they saw them in person.

The quality of the shoes is super impressive. Thick, genuine sued leather material is one of kind and fits the foot so well. Sued is naturally durable, so these are just perfect for kids to run around in.

To start, the sued is non-skid, which is good for kids. Over time the material starts to wear down into a smoother, moisture resistant surface. If you’re a fan of the non-skid soles, just take a wire brush to them and they will be good as new.

These shoes can be worn inside or outside when it is dry.

The inner soles of the shoes are made of luxurious sheepskin. This material protects their little feet while also keeping them dry in the summer and cozy in the winter. It’s a great cushion and just enough material so their feet are still very close to the grounds surface.

Around the ankle is an elastic closure. This makes taking the shoe off and on a breeze. I was thrilled when my three year old showed me that he could put the shoes on himself. Coming from a child that really struggles with other shoes, this was music to my ears. This feature isn’t super tight around the foot, so the shoes can be worn with our without socks.

I will say, I would highly recommend getting the smooth leather shoe option rather than the sued leather; especially if you’re buying these for toddlers. My kids liked the color options of the sued leather more than that of the smooth, which is why we choose sued. I just think that the smooth would have been a better option in terms of cleaning. The sued isn’t easily wipeable, so I worry that when something gets on them, it will be hard to clean off. Not a huge deal, and for sure not a deal breaker. Just something to think about when ordering.

SoftStar Shoes are such a great brand to support. I highly recommend their shoes and the quality of them. Made in the USA and by hand is the best you can get. Check out their shoes!

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