Some New and Classic Options
Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you should strictly focus on gifts unique to the modern time. Not all moms are going to be interested in the latest piece of technology. Even so, for some, that’ll be your best possible move. So to help provide a balanced perspective we’ll briefly explore five classic and cutting-edge gift ideas for mom in 2021.

  1. The Old Classic: Fine Flowers in Abundance
    There is a fundamental aspect to moms which is bound in all things bearing fruit. Flowers, nurturing, and growth are bound up in the heart of a mom. That’s one of many reasons flowers have the impact they do. Now certainly, they’re also pleasing to the eye and have a fine aroma; but dads aren’t going to like them as much even for these benefits.

One of the reasons mom and dad are so complimentary is that they have a different core prerogative. Mom wants to see things fully mature into themselves. Dad wants to make a foundation for that growth to expand. Both are symbiotic. So flowers have a particular appropriateness for mom, and will always be one of the best gifts for Mother’s Day.

What kind of flowers? Now, that’s where things can get interesting. Certainly, you can put together a bunch you’ve picked yourself from a field; that’s probably not going to be as impactful as it could be, and if you’re older than fifteen, it might look a bit underwhelming. Then there are arrangements which focus on one color, scent, or aesthetic scheme over another.

What may make sense is finding a broad selection of flower bouquets so you can choose those your mom will resonate with most. It’s like going to Home Depot to find a tool for Dad, rather than the local general store. When you can get a selection of flowers from a provider specializing in them, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

  1. The Gift of Time-Especially if You’re Not Always Around
    Another evergreen gift for any mom is time. Either you can give it to her by making it so you and the rest of the family allow her a day to herself, or you can do something special with her. Adult children who only come home every now and again can bless mom by spending a day or a few days with her. She’ll love to see you “in bloom”.

Alternatively, maybe take her on a walk in the park, or to a concert, or some event she likes. It depends on the mom. Some moms would prefer a cup of tea and some alone time by the fire; some want to go to an amusement park.

  1. Food Fun: Take Her or Dinner, Make it For Her, or Chocolates
    Breakfast in bed, lunch, dinner-if you make it, she’ll love it, but it’s better if you’re a good cook. A ten-year-old will bless mom with breakfast in bed, but there might also be a mess and overcooked toast. However, if you know how to properly smoke a roast and make a fine vegetable dish of one kind or another, that can be delicious.

Beyond that, normalization seems to be coming back tinged with 2021 innovation. In most places, owing to decentralization, you can have whatever food you like delivered right to your door. In many cities, things have just reopened, and you can take her to a public meal at a top-tier restaurant.

Perhaps this isn’t within anyone’s schedule, though; life rarely takes exception for holidays. A box of chocolates-make it a big one-can be pretty nice for mom as well. Again, owing to modernity, you can get more varied options than ever through online delivery methods.

  1. Cryptocurrency-Start Now to Make it a Real Gift
    BitCoin is booming right now, and it’s kind of the leader of the pack. But it’s not the only cryptocurrency option out there. Set yourself up a CoinBase account and make some cryptocurrency investments for mom. You can check on websites like Independent Reserve for information on crypto exchanges so you pick the best currency to gift to your mom. On Mother’s Day, sit down with her, set her up a CoinBase wallet, and send the cryptocurrencies to her. Although you might not want to put all of your money in Bitcoin, you can trade other kinds of currency on crypto platforms like Ethereum. For instance, Ethereum could see greater growth over time. If you are on the fence about in which cryptocurrency to spend, you might want to search for keywords such as “bitcoin vs ethereum” to get a clear picture of where you intend to invest.
  2. There’s a high likelihood that BitCoin is going to quintuple in value by year’s end-that means sometime around December, in likelihood, but these things can’t truly be predicted. Worst case scenario, you’re all out a few bucks. Best case scenario, you both profit from trading, or even for the long term, and mom can brag on her technologically literate progeny.

    You could also inform them about the best nft games that have become popular in the Game-fi world as a way to earn money. You can sell your in-game NFTs to other collectors and players, and you can even earn tokens with play-to-earn models. NFT games are mostly found on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Some provide a battling experience with collectible characters such as CryptoBlades and Axie Infinity, while others use collectible cards such as Sorare.

  3. Technological Trinkets of All Kinds
    Smartwatches, a new smartphone or tablet, Roku devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices of all kinds from refrigerators to coffee makers-you can find it all these days, and more affordable than ever. If your mom is really cutting edge, get her a few next-gen tools. These tend to be more “dad” gifts, but some moms are downright handy in the IT sphere.

Finding the Best Gifts For Mom in a Changing World
Whether you think your mom is in that trendy arena that would appreciate cryptocurrency, or she’s a techie, there are some fine 2021 gifts out there. Also, in many places restaurants are opening up again. There’s also always chocolates. Barring that, the gift of time in one form or another makes a lot of sense, and fine flowers are always a classic for Mother’s Day.

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