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Location Matters 7 Factors To Consider When Choosing Where To Live In Illinois

From woodlands to prairies, cities and towns, Illinois has a wide variety of places to settle. When choosing a place to live, there are plenty of considerations to make, ranging from lifestyle to crime statistics. If you have set your sights on Illinois, then here are some factors you should consider.  


If being close to good healthcare is your priority, then you should choose an urban area. Chicago is home to several world-renowned hospitals and specialists. Rural areas have less choice for healthcare, meaning you will have to travel for your healthcare needs.  


The best public education systems in Illinois are found in suburbs such as Buffalo Grove, Lake County, which tend to be more affluent. For higher education, there are colleges and universities of all sizes mainly found in larger cities.  


For city living, your best choice is Chicago. You will find all you could need for culture, diversity and nightlife. Chicago is excellent for younger people keen to for new experiences. For sports lovers, there is a range of state teams, including the White Sox and Blackhawks.  

If you are raising a family, or plan to, you should consider suburban and rural village areas like Cook County’s Wilmette. Areas with more space and greenery are ideal for raising children or those looking for a quieter life.  


The cost of homes varies significantly across Illinois. You should decide on the type of home you want – new or historic, house or apartment, urban or suburban. Urban housing is most expensive in areas like Chicago, with historic buildings among the most costly.  

You should review the housing available to ensure you find an affordable area to settle. Using an Illinois home loan specialist like The Home Loan Expert will be invaluable in your decision.  


Illinois is rife with employment opportunities across a broad range of industries, including technology, manufacturing and science. Young professionals looking to establish a career should look at areas such as Evanston and Chicago. Rural areas will have a better range of blue-collar employment options.  

Crime Rates 

Crime rates vary across the State. The highest crime rates are in inner-city areas, though these are dropping year on year. If you want to avoid the worst crime rates, then rural areas are the best choice. Have a look at this map detailing Illinois crime rates for more information and to choose the safest areas.  


If you want to avoid the worst of Illinois’s snowy, harsh winters, then you should choose a built-up area. If you live in a rural area, you will have to prepare well for the winter and own a car that can handle the snow and ice.  Summers in Illinois are pleasant, mild and sunny, making it ideal for people who want to experience the seasons.  


Where you choose to live in Illinois will come down to personal preference. Fortunately, there are areas in Illinois that will appeal to any newcomer, no matter what you’re looking for. You should list the attributes most important to you and narrow down areas based on this.  


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