Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts?

This Mother’s Day don’t overthink finding the perfect gift for the special Mama(s) in your life. The writers of MamatheFox have done the thinking for you. Whether you are looking for something utilitarian or sentimental, we have you covered!

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Luli Bebe – Monaco Faux Leather Diaper Backpack

This backpack is classic and sophisticated with an easy-to-carry, durable design that’s the perfect companion for both casual and formal use. The diaper bag features exterior pockets for all your need-fast essentials, while a spacious and organized interior can take care of all the rest. The adjustable strap makes it easy to go from the side body to hang on the stroller. The inside lining is wipeable – which is a must for a diaper bag. Magnetic flap front pouch with a zippered pocket for extra secure packing. Nine pockets, with a large space for bulk items, plus additional compartments for extra storage. Includes changing pad, stroller straps, & messenger strap.

Click here to see the Monaco Faux Leather Diaper Bag

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

In a world of technology I love when we find tools to make life not only better but happier. Gift the mom in your life a Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame – she will be filled with joy and appreciation. This digital frame allows you to email photos to it which it will then display on the screen. This is perfect for out of town grandparents who want to see all the photos you capture on your cell. Many don’t use Facebook or other social apps so they don’t get to see the photos you share there. This frame allows then to see all the images you want them to see. It is easy to use and has simple features to allow for a stress-free usage. Nixplay auto adjusts to portrait or landscape placement. It uses motion sensor turns the frame on/off automatically. The Nixplay App for iOS and Android gives you full control over your frame. Connect to Google Photos to ensure your frame is always up to date. As a bonus, this particular Nixplay can also use Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram also supported from the Nixplay website.

Click here to see the Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

L’Beauxtique – Evening Body Serum

Are you looking for a gift that will help you unwind and relax before bed? L’Beauxtique, a luxury botanicals company focusing on emotional well-being, just launched a NEW plant-based evening body serum designed to escape modern-day stress. The serum is a curated blend of 14 plant-based ingredients designed for relaxation and to enrich your skin. The aromatic notes include Cardamom, Jasmine, Palo Santo, and Yuzu among others. The serum provides nighttime relaxation for women who are stressed, tired, and low on time. I love the smell and feel of the serum. After I wash my face, climb into bed with my tea and my latest book I apply this serum to my arms and legs. It really helps set the mood for a relaxing bedtime. Use code MAMATHEFOX for 10% off

Click here to see L’Beauxtique

Luxurious Bath Brush by Rengora

The best way to start your morning is by feeling refreshed and awake. I love to grab this dry brush and softly massage my arms and legs before getting my cup of coffee to kick start my day. The feeling of the dry bristles removing the dead skin and increasing circulation is so satisfying. Rengöra’s use of boar bristles makes the brushed softer and more durable. The long handle is removable so you can take control of the brush head. Able to be used dry or wet, it makes for a great shower tool. It is wrapped in premium packing making it ready to give as a gift. With 90 days or money-back guarantee, there is no reason not to try one today.

Click here to see this Rengora Body Brush

Rengora Candles

Rengora has created two amazing candles that smell amazing and are just the right price. They are 100% soy wax candles burn clean. No residue and zero harmful toxins in your home. I love that these organic candles burn for at least 40+ hours. Rengora left out the paraffin, so these candles burn evenly, giving you more candles for your money. Light one to create a serene spa-like experience. The “Nightfall” luxury candle featuring a subtle blend of decadent lavender and fresh eucalyptus. One whiff of these lovely scented candles for the home will have you hooked and yearning to get back quickly to savor the addictive fragrance. It is not too strong but still makes a noticeable difference. The two scents compliment each other in ways the world would never have thought possible! It makes a perfect candle for baths and for the evening movie time.

Click here to see Rengora’s Candles

Roses Only

What better flower is there than a rose? Romantic, classic, and beautiful. Gifting flowers on Mother’s Day is always a winning move. However, finding quality roses that are worth the money can be tricky. Don’t just grab some off a shelf at the grocery store. If you really want to make her swoon get a rose bouquet from Roses Only. At Roses, Only each rose reaches an impressive 65cm in length within its 15-week growing period before being distinguished by color and character. Each stem is then carefully placed in our elegant, signature gift boxes which, never fail to secure a transcendent first impression. With Roses, Only quality is no mere coincidence. They offer many sized bouquets and gift packaged where you can add a candle, chocolate, or a teddy bear to your order. Coming in the colors bright pink, pastel pink, and red you are sure to find the perfect gift for the Mother in your life this year. Happy Mothers Day! Get 10% OFF with LOVEMOM10

Click here to see Roses Only

SideTrak – Sliding Portable Monitor

Are you needing a gift for a mama who works via laptop? If so, then check out SideTrak. They offer portable monitors that attach and work with laptop computers. By having a second screen you are able to work faster and see more tabs than with a standard laptop. The SideTrak is crazy easy to use. You simply download the program (a very easy and user-friendly process) and attach the monitor to the back of your laptop. There is a cable USB-C that goes into the SideTrak and a USB-A end goes into the laptop. The SideTrak monitor securely attaches to the back of your laptop with4 device-safe metal plates. This makes working on a couch, moving your dual-screen setup, and traveling so much easier! Check out this sliding portable monitor and the swivel monitor with the link below.

Click here to see SideTrak

The Wine Party

Are you wanting to gift someone some wine this Mothers Day? Then you have to consider The Wine Party. You can purchase one time or monthly subscription to find new and exciting wines. They are constantly adding new brands and curating the perfect box. The most popular choices are the Red Wine Lover Box, White Wine Lover Box, and the Rose Lover Box. If you want to step up your wine game then try the “What to Drink Now” pack. Better yet they now offer The Wine Connoisseur Course. This online wine class teaches quick and actionable lessons for wine drinkers who want to feel more confident as they choose and enjoy wine. It’s six chapters of go-at-your-own-pace video lessons (3.1 hours of content), worksheets, and tasting challenges.

Click here to see The Wine Party

Flour & Branch

If you want to gift a treat, a really really good treat then check out Flour & Branch. Their cookies are literally the best cookies I have ever had, and as a foodie who travels, I have had a lot of cookies over the year. I would suggest getting the Cookies Gift Bundle. These unique gift-wrapped bundles of Bakes are just what you need. Flour & Branch bakes with organic and natural ingredients: Kerrygold grass-fed butter, artisan flour, farm-fresh eggs, the finest sugars and vanilla, and so much care. Try the F & B Bakes Cookie Collection – it contains one of each cookie: PB & J Stuffy, Nutella Stuffy, The Chipper, The Salty Sombitch, The Brookie, The Birthday Cake, and The Nutty Butter. To make things really exciting warm place them on a paper towel or plate and warm them in the micro for a few seconds (10-15 I would suggest). This makes that have the straight out of the oven taste and warmth.

Click here to see Flour & Branch

Butter by Keba

Butter by Keba – Woah! Get ready for a body butter like no other. Their unique line of products is carefully formulated using a blend of natural ingredients, essential oils, and phthalate-free fragrances to appeal to every nose. And yes – when you touch it, you can instantly feel the difference. When you think of butter, you can picture that creamy texture, that melts when it touches your hands due to the heat. The same effect happens with this body butter. It melts right on you. But not in a greasy way, but a soft, smooth, and quick to absorb way. I would recommend trying the Love Your Body Care Bundle. This way you can try the body butter, the bath salt, and the perfume body oil. The fragrances are yet right. Not too powerful, but has a soft relaxing tone to them.

Click here to see Butter by Keba

Bombay Hair

Do you know a gal who loves hair? Shiny, soft, full hair? Hair extensions, curling, straightening, all the fun stuff. Bombay Hair will be your new go-to. They offer a huge selection of permeant hair extensions and tape hair extensions. Best of all they use Remy! Remy’s hair is the highest quality of hair extensions! What makes Remy’s hair so great? Remy’s hair is kept with the cuticles intact and all hair strands are aligned in the natural direction of growth. This means beautiful hair that is soft to touch and does not easily tangle. Remy’s hair is used in all clip-in extensions at Bombay Hair. If you are looking for a new curling tool, then you need to try their Rose Gold Curling Wand. The Rose Gold is made of 100% pure Titanium Barrel which radiates Infrared Heat Therapy and Negative Ion Technology. The negative ions seal the cuticle for frizz-free results, which lead to long-lasting curls with an unbeatable shine.

Click here to see Bombay Hair

Kyte Baby

If you are in the market for a new lounge and sleepwear, then you are going to love Kyte Baby. Their line of mama clothing is the softest ever. They are now offering nightgowns, two-piece PJ sets, and butter-soft lounge pants. If you have a mama needing a relaxing but useful gift, then you have to order from Kyte Baby. The lounge pants were designed for comfort, these all-natural, bamboo pants have a tie-front waistband and are finished with a relaxed-fit flow ankle. This short-sleeve PJ set is perfect for summer and great for curling up in your favorite chair with a hot cup of tea and a good book. The two-piece pj’s are made from a bamboo fabric blend. The pajama set comes with a relaxed-fit button-up short sleeve shirt and a matching pair of waistband lounge shorts. This is perfect for these nice warmer nights that are almost here. Check out all their products with the link below.

Click here to see Kyte Baby

Baby Delight Go With Me™ Uplift Deluxe Portable High Chair

If you are a grandma or a mom who is on the go, then you probably wish you could just easily bring and store a highchair for those family visits. I found the perfect one! Baby Delight Go With Me™ Uplift Deluxe Portable High Chair is amazing! It is foldable (think of those chairs the soccer moms bring to sit in at the games), comes with a food tray, 5 point harness, a sunshade, and a bag to quickly store it away. The Uplift is standard table height and is made of a durable indoor/outdoor fabric that can easily be wiped clean. This seat really was a big gamer changer with the babies and toddlers in my life. You can use it at home, at your family’s homes, at those soccer games, and on vacation.

Click here to see the Baby Delight Go With Me™ Uplift Deluxe Portable High Chair


Cheers to mom with the best glass of wine! WINEWISK™ is the portable wine aerator that cuts the time of having to wait for your favorite wines to reach its full potential. All you have to do is swirl your wine, make bubbles, and release the full aromas and flavors of your favorite reds and whites. It is a fast, easy and fun way to elevate your wine drinking experience. They make perfect glass markers, so no one gets with glasses mixed up.

Click here to see WineWisk

RelaxUltima Neck Massager

This Mother’s Day, if you have a stressed-out mama you should consider getting her a RelaxUltima Neck Massager. It gives you a heated massage all from the comfort of your own home. The design is very convenient as it’s quiet, lightweight, and very comfortable. With 3 different massage modes, you are able to really get the most out of your massage. Sit back, relax and enjoy RelaxUlitma for 15 minutes. It is best to stop at 15 minutes. The heat feature is 107 F heat plus TENS Technology (gentle electric impulses moving through the skin) support muscle pain reduction, deep relaxation, and stress reduction. They believe so much in their products that we provide a 1-year warranty and 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Check out all the features with the link below.

Click here to see RelaxUltima Neck Massager

Naked Nutrition

This Collagen Peptides Protein Powder only has one ingredient – bovine hide collagen peptides. These peptides are sourced solely from pasture-raised cows in Europe; truly from farm to table. The powder is tasteless and odorless and goes perfectly in any drink. A whomping 9 grams of protein is in every serving, giving lots of benefits in a single drink. Collagen offers tons of benefits because it is one of the highest found proteins in the body. Our bodies produce less collagen as we get older, so taking supplements like this is so important to maintain proper levels.

Click here to see Naked Nutrition Collagen Peptides Protein Powder

Mother Kombucha

There are so many health benefits to kombucha; it’s incredible for the gut which controls so much. This new Agua Bucha is such a great combination of kombucha and sparkling water. The yummy flavors include Meyer lemon, grapefruit, and key lime, all available in individual 12 packs and a variety of 12 packs. The bubbly beverage is full of organic acids and naturally occurring B vitamins. So not only is it yummy, but it is beneficial to the body too! Mother Kombucha is brewed in small batches by hand in Florida. Pretty local if you ask me!

Click here to see Mother Kombucha


Liven up the home with these adorable Mixtiles photo tiles. These 8×8 tiles are super sticky and reusable – a perfect way to transform the walls of the home. Mixtiles stick and re-stick to walls without leaving any damage at all. Using the app, it is super easy to get the tiles printed; it’s like bringing Instagram to life. Orders ship free from Mixtiles and arrive at the door in just a few days. Mom would love to add some new photos to the walls, give these personalized tiles to the one you love!

Click here to see Mixtiles

The Grumpy Octopus

Are you needing a gift for that fun and silly mom in your life? Something to make her giggle and light up with a smile. The Grumpy Octopus is just that. He is grumpy and surely appears to be so. Make hiding him around the house a game. In the fridge, peeking through a curtain or even on the bathroom linen closet. When you see this silly guy you will smile every time. It is a fun way to add some joy to your daily life. Whenever you feel upset, angry, or overwhelmed, simply take a moment and look directly in the eyes of The Grumpy Octopus and you may just crack some of the anger away with his adorably grumpy vibe.

Click here to see The Grumpy Octopus

Earth Baby

When your children are in their baby and toddler years bath time can become a really special time. You have a quiet and relaxing time together. Seeing them splash around and play can really be therapeutic after a stressful day. If this sounds like you, then I suggest asking for the Earth Baby Essentials Kit. It contains a shampoo/body wash, conditioner/detangler, a bubble bath, and a lotion. What makes Earth Baby different is that they are a product line committed to using certified organic fruit and vegetable-based ingredients that were truly non-toxic, gentle, and effective on baby’s skin, hair, and body. The founder, Florence Nacino, has over 40+ years of global experience working as a health and beauty formulation researcher, chemist, and regulatory specialist for leading worldwide brands. With her extensive knowledge, she knew she has to create a brand that parents can trust and that kids love. Check out Earth Baby in the link below to learn more about this awesome brand.

Click here to see Earth Baby

Sugar Plum Gourmet Chocolate Gift Assortment

Calling all the sweet-tooth mamas! If you haven’t heard of Sugar Plum then you are most definitely missing out. They offer a broad variety of sweets that MamatheFox loves. For this Mother’s Day, I suggest asking for the Gourmet Chocolate Gift Assortment. This beautiful basket is loaded with a variety of chocolate-covered delectables and includes an assortment of chocolate-dipped potato chips covered with M&Ms, chocolate-dunked pretzels, and their famous chocolate-drizzled popcorn. Support a female-owned business this Mother’s Day. Click the link below to see all the other fun treats Sugar Plum has to offer.

Click here to see Sugar Plum’s Gourmet Chocolate Gift Assortment

The First – Time Gardener: Growing Vegetables

Any moms out there with a green thumb? Well, no one needs a green thumb when they’ve got this book on hand. Written by Jessica Sowards, this book gives so many tips, how-tos, and encouragement on Gardening. Starting from the very beginning or an expert, The First-Time Gardener is the perfect book for food gardening. Packed full with lots of knowledge – from the garden foundations, creating your garden, growing with the seasons, and more – there’s so much information! The author, Jessica, uses her real-life gardening experience to give the perfect guide for creating a beautiful garden and a positive garden experience.

Click here to see The First – Time Gardener

The First – Time Gardener: Growing Plants and Flowers

Similar to The First – Time Gardener: Growing Vegetables, this how-to book on growing plants and flowers is the perfect gift for any mother. Author, Sean McManus, goes into every aspect you need to know planting and growing plants and flowers. From planting seeds to weeding to testing your soil, the book is jammed packed with information. Easy to read and understand, and very easy to search for specific needs you’re looking for. This book is a great reference for gardeners new and experienced.

Click here to see The First – Time Gardener

Som Sleep

If you are anything like me, then you know the struggle of falling asleep. I seem to go-go-go all day long. When bedtime creeps up I have a hard time relaxing, making it difficult to fall asleep. I recently started to try Som Sleep, and man is it cool. You simply drink a can (I prefer the sugar-free) 30 minutes before bed. Now when I curl up with my book, I sip on a can of Som Sleep. This way, after 30 minutes of reading time, I am ready to turn that light off and hit the hay. Som Sleep uses a scientifically advanced formula, the Som Stack™, that includes ingredients that are naturally found in your body, a healthy diet, and green tea. These ingredients help promote relaxation and provide your body with nutritional support for healthy sleep patterns. Click the link below to learn more about Som Sleep and how you may benefit from trying it out.

Click here to see Som Sleep

ZV Botanicals

Do you know a mama who uses CBD or one who is curious about the benefits of CBD? It’s true, there are many different CBD products that offer various benefits available on the market today, such as bubba kush cbd in its flower form. It may get confusing to choose from a range of products, so I suggest gifting her a CBD Tincture from ZV Botanicals. Today, cannabis-related products are available in edible form and could also be consumed in various ways such as inhaling it using a variety of devices (like bong slides) for relaxing or medical reasons. That said, I prefer the Chill – which I take a bedtime to help with falling asleep. MamatheFox loves this CBD product because it assists with falling and staying asleep, but I am not groggy if I need to wake up and take care of my kids. No mom wants to be loopy when a small child needs their help in the middle of the night. This product should be used as follows: First, shake well. Then, place – dropper under the tongue and hold for 45 seconds, 1-4 times daily, or as needed. In addition to the full spectrum CBD, this product contains EV Olive Oil, Strain Specific Hemp Extract, Neem, Fennel, Lime, Tulsi Essential Oils. Check out this product and the other CBD products ZV Botanicals has to offer in the link below.

Click here to see ZV Botanicals

Silken Pure

Getting a good night’s rest is key to Motherhood. If you have not heard the benefits of a silk pillowcase then you need to read this. When you put on your expensive face cream before bed and then lay down on a cotton pillowcase, do you know what happens? The creams absorb into the pillowcase instead of your skin. To avoid this I have switched to a silk pillowcase from Silken Pure. This way my face stays hydrated, my hair isn’t getting tangled up and I am not getting pillowcase lines on my face. Dermatologists have recommended pure silk pillowcases to support skin health and to prevent wrinkles. Check out the link below to read more about the benefits of a silk pillowcase and to see all the color options Silken Pure has to offer.

Click here to see Silken Pure

Infamous Swimwear

It is almost summer! I am so excited to get back into the pool. We mama’s with MamatheFox love being in the water. Whether it is a river walk, a local lake, or a neighborhood pool, we are ready to join in the water fun. This Mother’s Day ask for a new swimsuit from Infamous Swimwear. They believe that every woman and every kind of body deserves to feel confident, sexy, empowered, and comfortable in their swimwear. With Infamous Swim swimwear, you can grow your baby, nurse your baby and chase that baby turned toddler along the beach, all in a swimsuit that makes you feel supported, confident and sexy. Each swimsuit is crafted from quality materials that feel buttery soft, supportive and uber comfortable. Our designs are on-trend and our fits are created to suit every woman, in every shape and size. They even offer matching suits for your children! See all the swimwear options with the link below.

Click here to see Infamous Swimwear

Gelid Beauty – Ice Globes

If you are looking for unique beauty products for the mom in your life then check out the Ice Globes from Gelid Beauty. Ice Globes are used to aid in your nighttime skincare routine. Place the Ice Globe in the fridge or freezer for 30 minutes before use. Once they are cold massaging your skin with the globe. By doing so you increase circulation, which can gently reduce puffiness. This provides you with a lymphatic facial massage which helps to release pent-up tension and detoxify lymph nodes. This unique and fun product will make any mama grin this Mother’s Day. Check out more about the Ice Globes and Gelid Beauty’s Gua Sha tool by clicking the link below.

Click here to see Gelid Beauty

True Colors – The game

If you want a fun game to play with your family and friends then try out True Colors. Think you know your friends? Think they know you? True Colors is the revealing party game that will prove how well you really know each other! After a game card is read, players secretly cast votes for who they think fits the description. Do you think you’ll get SOME, ALL, or NONE of the votes? Guess right, and you’ll score! The player with the most points after 10 cards wins. Featuring over 170 hilarious questions, True Colors is the perfect choice for game night! What will True Colors reveal to you? For 3 to 6 players.

Click here to see True Colors


These crackers are made out of seeds and have real big flavor. New Zealand mom, Rebecca, took her love for seeds and snacks to a whole new level and decided to share it with the world. Eating healthy creates positive change, and that is the TopSeedz vision – a positive change in people and the world. Seeds are all so different – different taste, texture, and natural benefits. Individually, seeds are packed with so many different benefits, then when you put them together in a cracker you experience even more. Lots of flavors are available including rosemary, sea salt, maple, cumin, and 6 seed. Sold at Whole Foods, and a few other grocery stores, these crackers are becoming easier to find. Order online if in-store shopping isn’t your thing.

Click here to see TopSeedz

Leaf’d Box

Plant kits delivered straight to your door, sounds like a dream, right? These packaged plants are the perfect way to start a new garden and learn about sustainability. The Education Kits that Leaf’d offers are such a cool, innovative resource for someone with gardening goals. Online lessons teach people how to successfully grow vegetables and herbs all on their own. Step by step instructions are sent with the kits and then the online curriculum and weekly emails are given for all the tips, how-tos, and growing helpful hints. These plant kits are the next big thing in the gardening world. What a perfect gift for a mom you love.

Click here to see Leaf’d Box

Mock-up created for


Are you looking for something to help perk up your day? Active-PK is a revolutionary formula designed to help fight fatigue and abdominal fat so you can enjoy a stronger, slimmer-feeling body. This formula works by using natural compounds to help activate AMPK – your metabolic “master switch” – which tells your body to stop storing fat and start converting it into clean, usable fuel. This can lead to more energy, fewer cravings, and a slimmer waistline. The main ingredients in LCR Health Active PK: Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Quercetin dihydrate, and Berberine HCI. With their 100% money back guarantee there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it out.

Click here to see Active PK

Good Essentials

It is never too late to get your skin ready for that summer glow! Good Essentials offers great skincare products that are free of harmful toxins and are cruelty-free. All of their products are informative on the ingredients so you will know what you are actually putting on your skin. The founders of Good Essentials are two mothers, Dr. Jenelle Kim and Michelle Aristondo-Chereque. Dr. Kim is a doctor of Chinese medicine and is a lead formulator for popular brands sold in stores like Whole Foods and Sephora as well as spas. The brand offers an essential balm to hydrate and nourish the skin, herbal infused hand sanitizer, essential oils, and an aromatherapy mask refresher spray. The brand offers different kinds of bundles so you can give different products a try without breaking the bank. Of course, you only want the best essential oil blends for your mom, so be sure to pick the right ones.

Click here to see Good Essentials


Do you have a mom who tries to lessen their carbon footprint? One who loves to recycle and use paper straws? Then those mama’s are going to flip over ZipTop. ZipTop is a 100% platinum silicone storage container brand. Everyday is Earth Day for ZipTop. They are made with food grade materials, are microwavable, dishwasher safe and freezer safe too. One Zip Top can replace 5000+ disposable bags. The average family can use up to 2,000 plastic bags a year. That’s a lot of trash! Shaped for daily use, they offer cup and baggie sized options. They stand up, making them great for packing in a cooler or lunch box. With multipl size and color options you are sure to make your mom happy this Mother’s Day.

Click here to see ZipTop


Are you tired by hair tools that just don’t cut it? Kazmaleje agreed so they created combs with your hair in mind. Their combs and picks reduce the amount of hair breakage. They allow you to detangle and section your hair all in one tool, which reduces your detangling time. We love that is is easy to clean between uses. It definitely makes your wash days so much more enjoyable. Their multi-purpose hair tool not only works on curly, coily, kinky hair…but can be used for wig and extension care as well as on straight hair! Check out the entire collect with the link below.

Click here to see Kazmaleje


Meloway knew that people need quality vegan, cruelty-free beauty products – so they created 3 amazing beauty products that we can lean on: mascara & a brow gel. 2021 has been the year of the eye brow. People have started to realize the amazing results of a brow gel – making your brows look fuller and more defined. While some might depend on a Thick and Full Brow Enhancing Serum discount to purchase growth serums for themselves, others rely on a good and dependable brow gel to make their brows look as good as HD! And here, Meloway’s fiber enriched formula really makes a difference. They enriched the product with pro-vitamin B5, which helps keep the hair moisturized and and strengthen the bonds. Their mascara has black, pink, brown and blue color options. I prefer the ultra-pigmented super black formula for maximum drama. It provides me with all-day lasting curl with no smudges, no flakes, no clumps. Check out the products and more about Meloway with the link below.

Click here to see Meloway

MOBY Bump & Beyond T-Shirt Wrap

Designed for pregnancy and motherhood, the Bump & Beyond T-Shirt Wrap provides comfort and support to 2nd and 3rd trimester pregnant bellies and aching backs, and then converts to an easy-to-wear T-shirt Wrap that keeps newborns close, helping them transition from the womb to the world. Soft, stretchy, and simple to slip on, the ergonomic fit improves posture and can carry babies up to 19.8 lbs. Cuddle in close and enjoy all the benefits of skin-to-skin care and build a bond that can never be broken.

Click here to see MOBY

MOBY CloudUltra Light Hybrid Carrier High Rise

Easy to use and sleek to wear, the MOBY Cloud Ultra-Light Hybrid Carrier keeps parents and babies calm, cool, and on the go. Created in a lightweight flex knit with the perfect amount of structure and airflow, this carrier is intuitive, adjustable, and loaded with features. Easily adjusts to different users. For babies 8-33 lbs and you can carry them inward or forward-facing.

Click here to see MOBY

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cinch Backpack

Offering effortless style and two ways to be carried, the ever-versatile Cinch Convertible Backpack is full of hidden pockets and clever details designed for easy outings with and without little ones. And with a spacious interior that includes a laptop sleeve, it is compatible with our mix, match, and make-it-your-own Inter-Mix system for customized travel. The design also features padded straps for comfortable carrying and a trolley strap to easily attach to luggage.

Click here to see Petunia Pickle Bottom

French Blue Wines

Are you looking for a fresh wine that’s perfect for outside relaxation? French Blue wines will be the perfect fit. Owner Stephanie Rivin set out to do something new: put an American twist on French rosé. This intriguing blend has the fresh-cut flavor of watermelon, strawberry, and cherry. It’s dry and drinkable, with a crisp, refreshing finish. French Blue 2020 Bordeaux Rosé is quite simply the belle of the ball. Made from red wine grapes selected and expressly harvested for being made as a rosé wine with a gentle pressing to gain a light hue of pink, with the utmost care taken to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas. With a beautiful robe the color of a pale pink peony, the wine glistens in the glass. The beautiful floral bouquet is reminiscent of lilacs and summer berries, while the palate bursts with bright citrus and luscious strawberry notes. They are also currently offering a Sauvignon Blanc. Click the link below to check out and order a few bottles of this amazing wine.

Click here to see French Blue Wines


Want a peaceful activity that allows you to feel like an artist? With Craft-Ease Paint by Numbers, any mom can become a painter without any lessons. The kit includes the rolled or framed canvas, as well as the paints needed and a holder to keep them organized, four paintbrushes, brightener, wall hooks, and a reference sheet. The canvas uses linen fabric that is printed in color and has the numbers enlarged to make it easy to use. Another great aspect is that it features different artists from around the world. Any Paint by Numbers set supports the artist that made it. Craft-Ease Paint by Numbers is great for any mom that wants to get creative. (Artist featured is Tracy Miller)

Click here to see Craft-Ease

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