For a basket to be called wicker, it needs to be woven. Wicker baskets are produced by weaving cane, organic reed, roots, branches, and many other materials. These baskets can be small or large, have lids or open tops, sit on a table, or be hung on walls. 


They also come in various shapes and kinds. Woven wicker baskets are usually made by hand through a process known as basket weaving. The good news is that wicker baskets are popular and utilized by many people globally. In this article, you will understand what wicker baskets are used for.  


Why wicker baskets are desirable

Wicker baskets have been there for many years and they are expected to be around for many years to come. You may be wondering why wicker baskets are still desirable after all these years. 


Well, this is because there is simplicity in production and the cost together with lots of materials and many skilled people to make something charming and useful. You see, many people are usually attracted to handcrafted items that are inexpensive, useful with a high level of appeal.


Wicker baskets are strong and lightweight. They are also more desirable than baskets made of metal or solid wood. In the past, it was easy to manufacture items because the materials and skills were readily available. Making wicker baskets was a well-sought-after skill. When the materials are used to make a basket, they can produce a basket that can store or carry heavy items.


Uses of wicker baskets

You can use baskets for everyday activities to store and carry things. You can also use them to display things, such as flowers, or even just use them as a decoration. You can also find some wicker baskets that are designed to work like a sieve. As you can see, the uses of wicker baskets depend on your intent, where you live, and who you are


A fisherman can use a wicker basket that has a latching lid as well as a sling to hold and store the fish they catch. A seafood restaurant can also use the same wicker basket to display an item as an aesthetic. Large baskets can be utilized for holding things in stores or even as a picnic basket.


You can also find some medium-sized wicker baskets that you can use for laundry. Keep in mind that you can use laundry hampers to store dirty laundry that needs to be washed. 


Wicker waste baskets are also becoming increasingly popular, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms. So depending on the design, you can utilize wicker magazine baskets to hold magazines and newspapers close to your reading chair. The magazine holder basket can feature handles and a flat bottom one can be used for holding wine bottles.


As you can see, wicker baskets can be used for countless things. Above all, any specific basket can have more than a single-use. Therefore, make sure that you figure out the use of a wicker basket before purchasing it.