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As parents, the only thing we want for our children is for them to be happy and healthy. We think it is important to teach our children the importance of self-care and how to be healthy. We have listed below a few tips on what we think every child should learn as they grow.

Dental Hygiene

Your child’s dental hygiene needs to be kept on top of as soon as their teeth start coming through. Healthy strong teeth will help your child eat, speak and avoid infection and disease. To make your child excited about their dental hygiene there are a few things you can do, these include:


  • Let them pick their own toothbrush
  • Teach them the brush your teeth song
  • Get them to pick their own toothpaste
  • Read child-friendly books and watch videos on dental hygiene
  • Create rewards for when they brush their teeth each morning and night.


Many people have a fear of the dentist so making it an enjoyable process for your child is a must. Find the best local dentist that will help ease your child, then after your visit do a fun activity so they associate the day with being fun. Plus, bringing them along to polish your teeth with the dentist in Greeneville can help familiarise them with dental visits and ease their fears.

Eating Healthy

We all know that getting children to eat what you put in front of them can sometimes be a tough task. Make mealtimes fun by getting your children involved in the cooking process, this will make them excited to try the foods they have made. Having your children learn about the way food is made will not only teach them what’s in the foods they are eating but also teach them an essential life skill. Another great way is to get them to make their own plates, this will get them excited to use it when dinner time comes around.

Body Cleanliness

Sometimes one negative experience can impact bath times with your child, so if your having trouble getting your child excited for bath time then the first step would be to address the issue. Find the root cause and come up with ways to help your child feel relax and at ease. Incorporate toys and fill the bath with child-friendly bubbles to get them excited. Teaching your child how to clean themselves early on will help them become natural with their body hygiene. 

Being Active

Children have a lot of energy to burn so this one shouldn’t be so hard. Get the whole family involved and head out for a game in the park. Next time you head out on a woodland walk print off a game sheet of different leaves, trees, animals and insects for your children to seek and find, this will make the walks more enjoyable. When your children are at school age encourage them to participate in sports games and sign them up to a few teams to see which ones they like.


When it comes to teaching our children to be healthy you should always lead by example, so ensure that you are showing them a healthy lifestyle within yourself. Check out our tips on SUPER FOODS YOU SHOULD GET INTO YOUR FAMILY’S DIETS