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Buying A New Mattress? Here’s Why Memory Foam Is The Best Option

Good sleep is key to improving your health, both mental and physical, and having the right mattress is a big part of that. There are all sorts of reasons why people don’t sleep well, but more often than not, it comes down to an old mattress that isn’t giving them the support that they need. If you get the right one, a mattress can reduce your headache, backache, keep you from fidgeting or becoming stiff. So finding the right one is vital for comfort and health.

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You should watch out for these common signs to determine whether your mattress needs to be replaced or not. If you think that it’s time for an upgrade, you should consider memory foam. Mattress technology has advanced a lot in the last decade and the old spring mattresses may not be the best choice. These are some of the big benefits of using a memory foam mattress.

They’re Great For All Sleeping Positions

Buying a mattress can be confusing because certain ones are good for back sleepers while others are designed for side sleepers. But what if you move around in the night a lot, how do you know what mattress to get? You don’t have that problem with modern memory foam mattresses like the Puffy mattress, for example. You might be surprised to learn the Puffy mattress was featured on Ellen because it’s just that popular. The reason that new mattresses like this are so popular is that they are perfectly comfortable for everybody, no matter what position you sleep in, which is especially good if you are prone to moving around a lot in your sleep.

They Reduce Back And Neck Pain

If you get a lot of back and neck pain as a result of your old mattress, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you invest in a memory foam one. They mold to your body and give you consistent support all over, meaning that your back and neck are perfectly aligned and there is no pressure. After a few weeks, you will notice a huge difference to your back and neck pain and your overall posture should improve too.

They Are Great At Absorbing Motion

Sharing a bed with somebody that moves around a lot in their sleep is so frustrating. It’s impossible for you to get to sleep because they’re constantly tossing and turning and the mattress is moving around all over the place. Memory foam mattresses solve this issue because they are great at absorbing motion. So, even if your partner is moving around a lot, you won’t feel a thing on your side and you can get a great night’s sleep.

They Are Hypo-Allergenic

Anybody that suffers from allergies should always go for a memory foam bed. The foam is resistant to mold and mildew and it repels pet dander too. Managing allergies with a traditional mattress can be quite tough but with a memory foam mattress, you don’t need to worry about a thing.


If you are looking for a new mattress, it’s always important to consider how you sleep and what kind of mattress you normally like. Everybody is different, but most people will find that a memory foam one is the perfect option for them.

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