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SLIME TIME – OOSH Potion Slime Surprise

Who loves slime?

We do! And your kids do too – so lets get sliming with OOSH

OOSH by Zuru (one of our favorite brands) just released a super exciting new product, Potion Slime Surprise.

These kits come in a genie potion like plastic container, that contains all the ingredients needed to make some fun slime. Each kit has 2 slimes creations inside.


The potion options are:

Sea Treasure Tonic

Wild Dreams Potion

BFF’s Elixir

Light As A Could Serum

Endless Energy Tonic

Sweetness Serum

Deep Sea Elixir

Enchanting Potion

All 8 potions are fun and easy to make. While other slime projects include a sticky situation these potions are easy and have was less mess factor, which any adult can appreciate.

When you open the potion bottle you will find all the ingredients for 2 separate potions. Look at the instruction and separate the ingredient so you use the correct ones for each potion.

Typically they all go like this: Mix a potion with another ingredient in the container OR mix a solution with water. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions as some do NOT require water, and by adding water you will ruin the potion. You can use the large potion bottle packaging to mix the ingredients. Each potion bottle comes with a magic wand! The wands are GLOW IN THE DARK! How fun is this?! Use the wand to mix your potion – making this craft easy on the adults’ and fun for the kids. Once the potion is in the works you had bonus ingredients. These can be things like beads, glitter or sequins.

You will need to mix them for 3 to 6 minutes for it to get to the right consistency. If it feels too runny or sticky then keep mixing it. Once you are done with the wand, set it aside and have your child mix it even more with their hands. This helps speed up the process.

Then play! Squish, roll, squeeze and pull. This slime is so fun and looks magical. Each potion comes with a small potion jar. This is how you can safely store the slime so it doesn’t get lost or hard. As a tip – these option bottles actually open at the bottom, not the top. The top part, which looks like a cork, is permanent. Flip the bottle upside down and the bottom pops right off.

My daughter and son both love these kits. While the names may be more feminine, don’t let that stop you. Your boys will love this project too.

Order all 4 sets of

Oosh Slime Potions Lab Surprise DIY Slime Kit

today on Amazon


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