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Personal Style – Full Body Shaper Plus Size

The wholesale shapewear from Lover-Beauty was conceived from a single conviction: to allow all women to express their generous femininity with confidence, all through their shapewear desires.

From the latex waist trainers on to shaping bodysuits, there are lots of options out there for women to enhance their figure and improve their confidence. To do this, sculpting lingerie is a formidable ally in helping women assert themselves without any complex laces or knots. Currently very trendy and sought after, this category of lingerie finds a place of honor in the feminine wardrobe right next to the designer lingerie that you bring out for special occasions. It discreetly changes everyday life. Shapewear features models that, as the word suggests, shape the silhouette, both in the day-to-day and for a formal evening.

If you want to join the shapewear movement, in this article I will show you the different models of it. In this way, you will display a perfect silhouette. The power of shapewear lingerie is yours!

What is shapewear?

Shaping lingerie visually reduces the waistline and erases imperfections. This is a type of slimming underwear which adheres to your body like a second skin, to slim down in the blink of an eye. But at the same time, shapewear sculpts and redraws your generous curves, giving a more harmonious effect to your figure.

What are the models of shapewear?

The new shapewear lines are evolving towards more and more practical forms. As well as covering, they offer the possibility of creating resolutely modern and feminine looks. Shapewear is available in several models that adapt to the morphologies of all women.

Shaping high-waisted panties

The very high waist shaping panty is the piece of shapewear lingerie to have in your wardrobe. Perfect for all figures, it goes up to the hips and the stomach. It hides the small bulges. The high-waisted shaping panty redraws the lower body to harmonize your figure and enhance the shape nicely. Its line discreetly refines the hips and accentuates the roundness of the buttocks.

Its sheathing effect? Flat stomach and hourglass figure guaranteed, along with buttocks raised and thing hips.

Shaping shorts

More covering than panties, the shaping shorts embrace the body from below the breasts to mid-thighs. Its maximum coverage ensures a flawless slimming effect. This model is ideal for women with very generous shapes.

Its sheathing effect? Sculpted and slimmed hips, buttocks and thighs.

Other shapewear for lower body: briefs and thongs

Briefs and thongs also appear in models of shapewear lingerie. Unlike classic cuts, they are designed with a grippy, second-skin effect knit that is soft and fluid. They remain very comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Their shaping effect? Buttocks raised.

Shaping bra

The shaping bra instantly plumps the neckline. The volume of the breasts is rebalanced. It brings a nice rounded shape to the breast.

Its shaping effect? Firm and raised chest.

Shaping bodysuit

The shaping bodysuit will do little wonders for your profile. It combines the benefits of a shaping bra and high waisted shaping panties. The shaping bodysuit is an asset of choice that will go incognito under your tight clothes.

Its shaping effect? Refined and shapely silhouette.

Full body shaper

The full body shapers plus size by Lover-Beauty achieve total control over the body. They shape the figure to the maximum, thanks to their high compression fabric. If the panties I mentioned above tend to bother you, this slimming combination is the perfect undergarment to wear under tight dresses. Its shape achieves a push up effect on the chest, thus achieving a much more beautiful neckline.

Full body shapers have never been so fashionable. They are ideal for your tightest dresses. They are invisible garments that will help you achieve that perfect figure at any special event. They are also the sexiest and most sophisticated control garments. You can have the silhouette of your dreams thanks to the full body shaper. In an instant, you will look slimmer, hide your bulges and shape your chest!

Full body shaper helps lift a woman’s hip, giving a youthful body at all times. In addition to refining the feminine silhouette, it also lifts everything that needs to be lifted, such as chest and posterior.

There are many models available. The most common one is a jumpsuit with adjustable shoulder straps that provide comfort and flexibility to the wearer. It puts pressure on the hips to prevent them from sagging. With an open crotch, this jumpsuit is very practical. In fact, with this full body shaper, you no longer need to undress to use the toilet. Just use the hole to relieve yourself.

It is common knowledge that the breast size of every woman varies, regardless of whether she has undergone plastic surgery at Denver breast implants clinics or not. This is why the breast fabric has been made stretchy so that it can adapt to all breast sizes.

Wearing this full body shaper is also beneficial for the buttocks of women. To be clearer, this combination helps lift the hips and create delicious curves.

The Lover-Beauty designers have created this combination in discreet colors (such as black and nude), so that it can appear unnoticed. In this way it will adhere perfectly to any garment.

What materials and colors for your shapewear?

Sculpting lingerie is mainly made of spandex, nylon and elastane. These are soft and stretchy materials that guarantee optimal comfort.

They are very resistant to protect you from the cold in winter and anti-humidity. They will keep the skin cool in summer. These materials can be worn without moderation!

When it comes to colors, choose nude tones for 100% invisibility. Under the most glamorous outfits, bet on black or dark shades that will enhance the slimming effect.

Which size of shapewear to choose?

For your shapewear to be really effective, choosing the right size is essential. If it is too small, it will be uncomfortable and unsightly mark your skin. If it is too large, it will not provide the desired sculpting effect.

Take the time to calculate your bra and lower body sizes before purchasing. In general, stick to your usual size. If you have any doubts, you can ask for advice or consult the size guide. And don’t worry, you will find the size for you in the section of the best shapewear for women. Why? Because Lover-Beauty thinks of all women, with sizes available up to 6XL.

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