Feltman Brothers

If you are looking for a classic, investment piece for your little one, look no further than Feltman Brothers.  Feltman Brothers provides timeless fashion choices that are high quality with a vintage style.  The timeless look of their clothing choices make for great heirloom pieces to be saved and passed down for your babies to dress their babies someday! These handmade and hand embroidered pieces are beautifully created, providing you with a very high quality product to gift someone special in your life.  Just like the Feltman Brothers company, which was founded in 1916, with proper care these quality, classic baby clothes can be a long lasting gift that will span generations!

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School Zone

With many kids online learning still, the School Zone products are a great way to supplement school or bring school on the go. These learning packs are full of many different games and activities to engage children and allow them to learn while having fun. Some features include early reader books, flash cards, board games, 96 page workbook, and more. So many different skills can be learned and mastered using these materials. The available packs that School Zone offers include playtime, preschool, and kindergarten. Other materials include card games, flash cards, books, workbooks, tablets & accessories, and so much more!

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I’m the Chef Too – Sweetheart Pop Tarts

Spread the love this Valentines day and get ready to make fun crafty conversation heart pop tarts for the whole family! Fill them your favorite jam or s’mores, top them off with a delicious glaze and pipe on your favorite sentiment! Then get ready to write secret love messages or pictures and use the science of hydrated polymer spheres to reveal your creation! Send sweet messages by engineering candy airplanes and learn how to draw teddy bear valentine’s to brighten up your loved ones day. This adventure is perfect for engaging your kids in a STEM project that combines the culinary world with art. It is educational and delicious. Check out the link below to see all the fun kits I’m the Chef Too has to offer.

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  Kyte BABY – Softest Bamboo Products

If you are looking for something as soft and cuddly as your baby, then click over to Kyte BABY. Their line of pajamas, robes and even blankets are so amazing that is it going to cause you to tell all of your mama friends about them. By using high quality bamboo you can keep 3 degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic. Making this perfect for kids who struggle with their PJ’s and feeling cozy. At birth you can start putting bamboo clothing and swaddles on your baby. The softness & coolness of the fabric are unmatched by cotton. As they grow you can continue to purchase their pajama’s. Thankfully, Kyte BABY started to make products for us mama’s too! They now offer adult pajamas, blankets and robes. Click the link below to see why Kyte BABY is going to be your new favorite pajama line.

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Do you have a kid who just loves to draw, color, paint? Then you have to start using OOLY’s products. I have been relying on their products for years. Some of our favorite items include: Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons, Yummy Yummy Scented Twist-Up Crayons and their line of coloring books. Check out their new product – I Art Crayons. They are twistable, brightly colors crayons that are erasable! OOLY loves creating products that help people of all ages smile, explore their imaginations and express themselves. Since 2005, they been dreaming up all kinds of colorful, fresh and inspiring products full of unexpected delight. Seriously fun stuff to make your art space, creative space, school space or office space more fun. Check out all their products in the link below.

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KeaBabies Nursing Cover & Car Seat Canopy

As a new mama, the amount of baby gear that is advertised to my demographic can be overwhelming…where will we ever store all of the goodies needed to raise our tiny human? So when I come across a product that serves multiple purposes, I am hooked! The KeaBabies multi-use nursing cover and car seat canopy does just that, providing me with a garment that will allow for privacy during baby feedings that also converts to a cover for my little one’s car seat, shielding them from wind or sun.  Additionally, the KeaBabies nursing cover can be worn as an infinity scarf for mom or used to cover a shopping cart or restaurant high chair.  The cover is made from a cotton-rayon blend, providing a stretchy material that works with all types of car seats, but also allows for air flow and breath ability.  In fun Valentine’s Day patterns like XOXO and Sweetheart, KeaBabies has once again designed a quality gift for the new mama in your life!

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Two Sisters Spa – Valentine’s Day Surprise Bubble Bath Bombs

Bath time is a highlight for most kids. They get to play in the water. Have the toys that are reserved for tub time. It is just so much fun. This Valentine’s Day you can gift your kids a set of bubble bath bombs from Two Sisters Spa. Their kid friendly bath bombs each contain a small surprise toy inside. These bath bombs combine the excitement of surprise container toy and the use of a fizzy bath bomb. Each bath bomb contains a different surprise squishy toy, giving each bomb the same excitement as the first.  This set comes with 6 bombs, Rainbow Sherbet (Pink), Citrus (Orange), Tropical Fruit (Yellow), Fruit Loops (Green), Berry (Blue), Grape (Purple). Two Sisters Spa has a ton more options, so click the link below to see all they have to offer.

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Think Tank Scholar

Flash cards are something that has been such a huge help over the past year with homeschooling our children. These high quality flash cards from Think Tank Scholar are the perfect little gift for kids of any age. Their cards are geared towards kids off all ages, so there is something on the site for every kid. I love the fun colors that our cards are decorated with, it makes learning all the more engaging. Their different categories include preschool, sight words, and math flash cards and each box and/or set is organized so well. There are also a few free worksheets available on their site which is perfect to add to a homeschooling corner.

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Friendly Fables

Lexy, the RAP DAD, is a children’s author from Ajax, Ontario, where he lives with his wonderful wife, their two young children and the family fur-babies, Daizy and Zoey. Two years ago he was working in the corporate world when his infant son required surgery. Lexy stopped working to be with him and during that time wrote and self published a series of 14 ‘Rap-A-Long’ children’s books and songs called Friendly Fables. Fast forward to present day and his debut kids rap album based on his books hit #1 on the iTunes children’s music chart in Canada and his YouTube Channel has over 500,000 views! They have a super fun book line that includes: Farts, The Dino Rap Book, Car, Car, Car and Myrtle’s Big Race. Head over to their site to see all about Friendly Fables – don’t forget to check out their amazing YouTube channel too.

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pediped has been a leader in children’s shoes for years. pediped® footwear is a smart choice for parents concerned with the long-term development of their children’s feet. pediped has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for creating shoes that promote healthy foot development. They start with crib shoes, helping children’s feet in the early stages of development. They go up to size 4.5 in girls and boys. From dress shoes, sneakers and sandals, they have all the styles you need. Best yet, many of the styles are machine washable – which any parent can appreciate. Click the link below to see all the shoe they have to offer.

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MAM Love & Affection pacifiers reflect baby’s love for Mommy and Daddy!  The BPA-free pacifiers feature a curved shield that allows the pacifier to sit comfortably on baby’s face. The pacifier’s ultra Soft Silicone Nipple stays comfortably in baby’s mouth due to the anti-slip texture and the symmetrical nipple is ideal for baby’s jaw development.   A textured surface and multiple small openings on the pacifier shield allow air to circulate and baby’s skin to breathe.  The pacifier’s Storage case is reusable and can be used in the microwave to sterilize pacifiers. Check out MAM Love & Affection pacifiers here in this link below.

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  Joyin – Bath Bomb Surprise Toy Set

Joyin’s bath bomb gift set includes 12 bath bombs with assorted toys inside. These bath balls are rich and full of shea butter & coconut oil, which help moisturize and smooth your dry skin. Their surprise toy bath bombs are great gifts across any gender and age. Perfect for Valentine’s Day gift. Surprise your kids with this magical bath bomb with a surprise inside. They use natural ingredients. All ingredients are kid-safe. No artificial flavors are contained. 12 unique scents include strawberry, watermelon, cotton candy, gummy bear, bubble gum, lemon, pineapple, blueberry, lollipop, vanilla banana, kiwi apple, orange peach. Check out all Joyin has to offer in the link below.

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Purple Ladybug –  Glitter Tattoo Kit

If you are looking for some fun crafts and activities for children you can also check out what Purple Ladybug has for sale. They are always coming up with new, hot products that are sure to wow. This Valentine’s Day gift the kids on your list a set of Glitter Tattoos. This kit includes 9 sparkly gorgeous glitter colors, 2 brushes and an amazing 175 tattoo designs! The 175 different tattoo designs gives you loads of options including: mermaids, unicorns, mandalas, stars, bracelets, arm bands, letters, positive sayings, encouragement, and our ladybug. They include 75 different tattoo designs and 104 letters for you to create your own word tattoos! So many tattoos and varieties mean there’s something for everyone. No stencils, no glue and no mess makes this a perfect gift. Click the link below to see this product on Amazon.

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  Purple Ladybug – Piggy Bank Craft Kit

This craft kits includes one delightful, porcelain unicorn piggy bank with a gold horn and rainbow mane & tail. It comes with 2 sheets of fun designs to decorate it; foil transfers; and glitter. All your child needs to create a unique bank that they will be proud to show off as their own creation! Artistic craft kits for kids, like this one, allow them to express themselves while practicing fine motor skills and decision making. Kids get the opportunity to develop their individuality, gain confidence, increase dexterity, improve hand-eye coordination and develop patience. This is a safe, screen-free activity that is fun for one child, a group, siblings, friends or a family to do together. As they are creating their custom piggy bank take the time to explain the importance of savings and the value that the coins and bills have. Make this not only a fun craft but also a chance to teach child too.

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Lulu Junior IlluStory Kit – Create Your Own Book!

My kids love to read books. Being a book lover myself I loved finding this amazing product! Lulu Junior created a IlluStory Kit so that your child can use their inter creativity to make their own book. The kit comes with a guide the “Just Imagine…A Guide to Writing and Illustrating your Story” which helps your child get their big picture and learn how to organize their thoughts to make their own book. The IlluStory kit allows a child to write and illustrate their own full-color, 18 page, professionally printed hardcover book. When you are done creating your book you use your personally unique code and mail the book into Lulu Junior. They will then take your work and put it in a real hardcover book! This is coolest gift for the bookworms on your holiday list.

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Lulu Junior My Comic Book – Create Your Own Comic!

Similar to the product above, My Comic Book from Lulu Junior allows your little writer to make their own comic book! If you have a young reader in your home, or on your shopping list, you probably know that graphic novels are huge right now. They are the so popular that more and more authors are switching to this format for their books (Think Babysitters Club and many others). Comic style books draw appeal to children with the uses of word bubbles, which allows the children to visual see who is talking and who is listening. While it is a craze among the youth of today, don’t forget that grown ups love them too! If you know a friend or relative that loves superhero’s, odds are they like comics too. This gift can really go to so many people on your list.

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Tea Collection Wrap Top Baby Outfit

Inspired by colors and designs of various cultures, the bright patterns and colors available at Tea Collection are whimsical and fun, providing a unique alternative to typical all pastel baby clothing options.  The baby clothing selections offered at Tea Collection make for a wonderful gift for the new babe or soon-to-be parents in your life!  Making your purchase even sweeter, Tea Collection promises to give back 10% of profits to philanthropic efforts worldwide. The combination of cute, comfortable, quality baby clothes, combined with the support of global philanthropy, makes Tea Collection clothing a wonderful gift idea for the sweetie in your life!

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Night Night, Valentine (Board Book)

How about a new book for the little Valentine’s in your life? Night Night, Valentine, written by Amy Parker, teaches your toddler and preschool aged children all about the fun activities involved in celebrating Valentine’s Day.  With a special emphasis on God’s love and the importance of time with the ones you love, this story provides an entertaining and meaningful look at this holiday of love.  Night Night, Valentine has been colorfully illustrated by Virginia Allyn and encouraged our littles with the comforting and true reminder that all good things come from our loving, Heavenly Father above. This board book would make a great gift to add to the home library of the little one’s in your life this holiday!

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3001 Questions All About Me 

If you have a teen or preteen then you are probably searching for something other than a gift card to gift them. Look no further – the gift is here! The book contains 3001 thoughtful prompts to help you journal through a quest for self-discovery. Now, you can start to definitively know who you are by examining all of your favorite things. Thousands of questions for thousands of answers you never knew you needed. Some answers will not need more than a “yes” or “no” while others can possibly trigger a deeper need for journaling about yourself and your values. Some questions will include: If I had an imaginary friend as an adult, what would they be like? Do I disguise my emotions well? What is my definition of beauty? This is a great book for sleepovers, giving them something fun, fresh and family friendly. Click the link below to see this book, and all the other fun books from Creative Keepsakes.

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  Block Chain (Robot, Unicorn and Pirate)

Pirates Block Chains are ThinkFun’s newest STEM toys for boys and girls. They are colorful, stylish, collectable brainteasers and among the best gifts you can buy for kids who like smart games and a good challenge. Block Chains are made with high quality components and come with very clear, easy to understand instructions – you’ll be able to play within minutes of opening the box. Like all ThinkFun’s games, Block Chains are built to develop critical thinking skills. Playing through these addictive brainteasers will improve visual perception, logical reasoning, and critical thinking skills, all through fun gameplay. HOW TO PLAY: Expand the links to dissemble the cube. Next, twist and spin the links until you find all the correct panels. Finally, slide the links together to complete the cube.

Click here to see Block Chain (available for purchase on February 21st, 2021)


Ice Ball High Bounce – by Kess

With being stuck inside a lot due to Covid-19, you are most likely looking for new ways to get your kids moving. Get dazzled with these fun and glittery Ice Balls from Kess, which are available in six colors- each with sparking glitter. Take them outside and bounce them. If you are stuck inside go into the hallway, shut all the doors and play a game of pass. Any way you shake it, these Ice Balls are a blast.”

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 Ice Hopper by Kess

As a kid who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s I was able to experience the fun hopper game. You remember? Where you can a loop circle around your ankle, and as you spin it around you hop over it each time? I fondly remember trying to make it to 100 without falling, and I did achieve that quite a few times. With the new Ice Hopper you can now have your kids join you in the quest to hop without tripping. The Ice Hopper comes in several colors and will make your kids jump with joy. This toy can be found in the Ice Activity set. This set contains:  1 Ultra Light up Ice Hoop, 1 Ice Hopper, 1 Squishy Cuties Jump Rope, 1 Set of Spin Jacks, 1 85mm Drop Dot Ball and Drop Dots Mini 3-Pack.

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All kids need plates for eating their food, and these ezpz mats are perfect. The mats have a suction feature that allow them to ‘suck’ to many surfaces in a way that your child will not be able to separate. Made with silicone, the mat is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe and is built to last. Silicone is very flexible and bendable and it doesn’t corrode, fade, or deteriorate. Ezpz not only offers plates, but they have silverware, cups, and bowls too; all of which are silicone. This is a great, practical gift for a little one. Use code LOVE20 for 20% off your ezpz purchase.

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