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Be a productive blogger with these easy tips

Is 2021 the year you intend to smash those blogging goals? It’s not always easy to keep yourself motivated when you have dozens of other responsibilities to manage – blogging usually tends to take a backseat.

The truth is, that even when we do find the time to blog, it’s not always easy to remain focused and make the most of your creative time. Whether you’re checking your emails or scrolling social media, or your blog research takes a nosedive via YouTube, we’re all guilty of letting procrastination and other responsibilities get in the way of our progress.

If this sounds familiar, then you may want to read on and discover how you can be a productive blogger with these easy tips.

Keep your finances organized

There’s nothing more time consuming than writing invoice after invoice, trying to figure out your expenses and getting confused over your tax return. By investing in simple and user-friendly accounting software, like the simple invoice templates you can find on, you’ll be able to handle all your accounts and finances with ease, freeing up more time to create content and less time worrying about making expensive mistakes. Your work is complicated enough so removing one of the most confusing and demanding elements from your to-do-list will certainly make your blogging life much simpler. This is precisely how businesses streamline their workload too and use purpose-made software such as EZLease to help them sort out their accounting issues that need doing – this boosts workflow and allows people to get on with other pressing matters sooner.

Set goals for every writing session

Sitting down to write for an hour or so is commendable, but you’re more likely to get more done and write with a stronger purpose if you set writing goals for each session. Whether you have a certain word count you want to reach, or you want to plan the basic structure of your next post, setting a goal allows you to remain focused and motivated throughout that crucial time in front of your laptop. Make the most of it. If you’re finding it difficult to market your material or find it too burdensome, you may hire a content marketing agency like White Peak (to know more, go through to help you manage your blog and acquire more traction with the help of SEO tools. However, your marketing work does not end there. To make sure the SEO tools that you have employed work well, it is advisable to monitor the progress or the contrary by doing an SEO audit. Check out this article for more information on how SEO auditing can help with marketing your blog.

Remove those procrastination triggers

As mentioned above, procrastination is a time thief, which means even extensive time spent on your blog could take a turn and be spent scrolling through social media, checking those emails, or chatting with friends. Take a stand against procrastination and remove those triggers. Whether you have to place your phone in the other room, close down all those open and completely irrelevant tabs or block the sites that cause you the most problems, take the steps needed to prevent yourself from undermining your own progress.

And finally, write down what needs to be done

Writing a blog post isn’t as simple as taking down your thoughts and completing a quick spelling and grammar check. When you consider your content, your proofreading, your SEO and affiliate links, sharing across various platforms and keeping your blog updated and engaging with readers and followers, it suddenly becomes very overwhelming.

Writing down a list of what needs to be done during each session and ticking things off as you go will help you make the most of your blogging periods and help you to become a better blogger. As someone who consistently posts high quality, reliable content you’re sure to draw in more readers and followers, which in turn means more success!

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