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Top 5 Things to Make Your Life as a New Parent Easier

As wonderful and magical and fulfilling as parenthood can be, there are also moments where you find yourself thinking “there must be an easier way to do this.” Well, we are here to tell you that you’re probably right! There are plenty of tools that new parents need that can do wonders for simplifying your life. Take a look at our top five products that are sure to make your life as a new parent much, much easier!

1. A Sleep Sack

Is your little one struggling to get comfortable and fall asleep? Consider getting them a sleep sack! Sleep sacks are designed to regulate your baby’s body temperature without overheating them, ensuring that not only are they comfortable, but also that they are safe. There are sleep sacks in a variety of colors, designs, fabrics and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect sleep sack, whether you’re on the hunt for your six month old baby or your two year old toddler.

2. Easy Baby Clothing

There are loads and loads of baby clothes out there to choose from. However, some are definitely more inconvenient than others. Can we just acknowledge how terrible those pajamas are with a million snaps on them? You deserve easy baby clothing. Zipease baby rompers are a great option, featuring a zipper specifically designed to simplify diaper changes. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re available in a variety of styles.

3. The Right Nose Products

Don’t fall for the false notion that the only way to clear your baby’s nose is with one of those suction bulb contraptions. Not only are they uncomfortable for your little one, but they’re wildly ineffective. We highly recommend getting your hands on a nose frida for easy snot removal, as well as a few packages of boogie wipes. Trust us- between these two items, your baby’s nose will be well taken care of.

4. A Tricked Out Baby Swing

You’ve likely received the advice of getting yourself a baby swing. We totally agree- most babies do incredibly well in a baby swing, and it can be a great tool for calming and entertaining your little one. We’re going to take things a step further and say that this is a baby item that you should splurge on. Get the swing that has preset motions that imitate the womb, play music and white noise, and have toys hanging from the top to hold their attention. You won’t regret it.

5. Smell Saving Diaper Pail

The last thing you want is your home or baby’s nursery smelling like a dirty diaper. You’re guaranteed to be handling a few thousand diapers in your time as a parent, so treat yourself to a smell saving diaper pail. They’re designed to hold a number of diapers at a time, capturing the smell and containing it within the pail so that the rest of the room can stay smelling fresh.


Parenthood is sure to be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your entire life, and you deserve to equip yourself with all of the best tools and tricks to make it as easy as possible. Consider some of our favorite baby items that are sure to simplify things for you!

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