The story among first time moms is a common one.  We see moving photos of mama’s breastfeeding their littles…looking so natural and graceful…and we begin to put together an assumption in our minds that breastfeeding will be a natural process for us.  Our dreams become filled with Pinterest-worthy moments of feeding our littles in the quiet of night, soothed by the sounds of them effortlessly taking in mama’s milk while we gaze down on them lovingly.

But then reality hits and we are forced to trade in our newborn dreams for cracked nipples, low milk-supply, tongue ties, crying (and I don’t just mean the baby!) and an unwavering concern as to the unknown amount of milk that our baby has actually consumed from the breast!

While this isn’t the reality we would have picked, it is the reality for most moms as they figure out their babies feeding journey.  While there may be a temptation to feel we’ve been “robbed” of this blissful new baby feeding experience, I have to wonder if instead that dreamy story of blissful newborn feeding was a lie that we allowed ourselves to believe from the beginning.  The real story that we missed from the beginning is that the 4th trimester, in all of its glory, takes support.  Lots of support.

Nursing Bra Express has been in the business of supporting mama’s since 2011.  Their nursing bra experts have created an entire line of practical support items for breastfeeding mama’s that includes: Maternity Nursing Bras, Breastfeeding Clothes, Maternity & Postpartum Shapewear, & Breastfeeding Accessories.  One-stop shopping for the pregnant and nursing mama!


Recently, Nursing Bra Express has expanded their product line even further to help support breastfeeding mama’s nutrition.  They have created a new line of Lactation Cookie Mix’s to help support and boost milk supply.  The cookie mixes come in the following classic flavors: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip and a Lactation Cookie Base Mix that allows you to add whatever delicious toppings you’re craving! Loaded with key ingredients to help support milk production, the Lactation Cookie Mix’s make for a delicious 4th trimester treat that will be both sweet and filling for mom’s!



The cookie mix ingredients are thoughtfully prepared ahead of time so all you to do is add your own egg and butter prior to baking.  Each mix provides 2 dozen cookies and it is recommended that a breastfeeding mama eats 2 cookies a day for best results, allowing for a few days of consuming the cookies to start seeing results.  If you have extra’s – no problem! The lactation cookies also hold up well in the freezer if you plan to stock up and make the cookies ahead of time.



These mixes not only provide a sweet treat for mothers to make for themselves when beginning their breastfeeding journey, they would also make an excellent gift for a new mom in your life!  Whether you drop off the mix on its own or make the cookies ahead of time for her to have ready to eat or freeze, the Nursing Bra Express Lactation Cookie Mixes are a practical gift that will support her in her breastfeeding journey!

Further showing their understanding that each woman’s breastfeeding journey can come with different challenges, Nursing Bra Express has a “Breastfeeding Support” highlight on their website.  Included are numerous articles on topics ranging from “When to Buy a Nursing Bra” to “Common Latching Problems from A to Z” and more!  This resource provides moms, whether nursing their first child or their fourth, with further support in providing tips and explanations to common challenges and topics that come up for breastfeeding mamas in all stages.

While we cannot control the ultimate outcome of our breastfeeding journey, we can make sure to surround ourselves with resources and products that will support us in our motherhood journey.  Nursing Bra Express provides mama’s with a variety of resources with just that in mind: Supporting mama’s!

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  1. wow never even thought of all that you shared existed. I of course new that nursing bras did as I wore one as a mother but the cookie mixes those are awesome never thought of them before thanks for sharing

  2. Breastfeeding can definitely be trying sometimes. What a creative idea,cookies that actually boost the supply of Milk.

  3. I really like their bras and nursing clothes— especially the hoodie! Way cuter than the nursing clothes I have!

  4. I would have loved to have known about the cookies while breastfeeding mine. Anything that helps the supply is amazing. And the more comfortable to clothing options the better.

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