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5 Small Businesses You Need to Know About if You Have a Baby

No one knows the mom life better than a mom herself. Therefore, shopping at small businesses usually means that you are shopping directly from a mother. While big stores and chains may seem convenient, and no doubt that they are, small businesses have one goal in mind, and that is to help their customers by solving a problem that they once had.

Also, if you want your kid to grow in a peaceful and friendly locality, you might consider relocating to a suburban town in a European state like Andorra or similar. You might need to get more information on living costs, rents and real estate costs, local structure, etc. You might need some professional help to get the insight.

However, to learn more about what you and your baby might need, here is a list of small businesses owned by fellow mamas that are selling products to make your life easier.


Binxy Baby

Binxy Baby sells shopping cart covers and hammocks to help moms do their “stock up” shopping without sacrificing cart space or their babies’ comfort. Lugging a car seat into the store can be such a hassle, not to mention trying to get it situated into the shopping cart safely can be another frustrating obstacle that turns a quick store run into a drag. With Binxy Baby, you can leave your car seat in the car, clip the shopping cart hammock to the shopping cart once inside, lay your baby in the shopping cart, and off you go! Shop affordable and safe baby products at Binxy Baby.



Zipease makes baby rompers that make diaper changes easier on moms, dads, nannies and any other one of your baby’s caretakers. The zipper is placed at the bottom of the onesie, from ankle to ankle so that the lower half of your baby’s outfit is easy to slip on and off with each diaper change. Most onesies come with buttons or zippers coming down from top to bottom leaving your baby’s chest exposed, which can be really uncomfortable for them on colder days. With Zipease, your baby stays warmer. Shop the best baby onesies at Zipease.



For the on-trend mom, Famokids makes playmats that are different from those typically seen on the market. These mats allow the whole family to use them and grow with your baby. Whether your baby is walking, crawling, rolling over or playing, the mats protect your baby from hard floors while bringing style to any room. Parents can also use the playmats in a designated place for their own meditation and workouts, hence the name “FAMily, MOm, KIDS“. If the interior designer in you is looking for stylish playmats, shop decorative playmats at Famokids.

Sandstone Avenue

The softest baby clothing from Sandstone Avenue will have your baby comfy and cozy all year long no matter the season. From knotted baby gowns to short and long sleeve onesies made from organic cotton, these stylish onesies are a must-have for your baby’s wardrobe. Not only do the knotted gowns make diaper changes easier, their matching caps will keep baby warm for their first couple of days in the hospital and for days relaxing at home. Their onesies come in the most trendy colors too for both boy and girl.


Freshly Picked

Susan Petersen started Freshly Picked when she made her first pair of leather moccasins for her second child. Now she makes soft-soles shoes that allow your baby to extend their toes and grip the floor as if they were barefoot while learning how to walk. These soft-sole shoes don’t only protect your little one from cold weather and objects they could get hurt stepping on, they also help your little one with their coordination and balance as they grow.


Next time you shop, keep this list in mind and feel free to do your own research. You’d be amazed at how many boss mamas are creating things to make life easier for all of us.


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