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Shoes for the Working Mom

Whether you are an expectant, new, or experienced mother, that does not mean you need to give up on your career dreams. It may, however, mean you need to reconsider your footwear choices depending on what stage you are at, as well as how confident you feel within yourself. 

If you have a relaxed dress code at work, this can take off some of the pressure of finding the ideal pair of shoes. On the other hand, if your business sector has a fairly strict or professional dress code, you may be wondering how you can comply with those requirements, while still doing what is best for your body.


Unless specified by your company, the heel height on your shoe can vary depending on your own confidence walking in this type of shoe – see the latest stiletto heels at NOVO if you feel comfortable and safe in this style (not recommended if you are heavily pregnant!). On top of that, the shoe material and colour itself can differ a lot, meaning you could buy several of the same style in different colours, depending upon what your outfit for the day will be. 

Heels can also be worn with both pantsuits or skirts, keeping your options as open as your workplace will allow can help you to make fresh outfit and shoe choices, rather than cycling through the same few options repeatedly. 


For those working women who are pregnant, or have recently given birth, you may need to wear flat shoes to help support your legs and back, and reduce the risk of tripping and falling at work. Finding the best pair of comfortable and practical flat shoes that don’t eat too much into your budget, can help you both keep more money aside for your baby, and stop you from feeling too many aches and pains in your working day. 


Many women feel uncomfortable wearing traditional shoes either while pregnant or just after having their baby because the stress of carrying a tiny human can change the way the body looks and feels. For any women who want to feel comfortable in the workplace, and hide any swollen ankles or legs, a good pair of loose-fitting boots can be the answer. You can opt for either flat boots or those with heels, depending on your current situation. These need to also be not too tight, as you do not want to risk rubbing, or even losing circulation, just for the sake of fashion.

Smart boots can also be paired under trousers, or even with skirts, to give you more flexibility on your outfit choices, especially with changing weather conditions. You will find that security and comfort are two very personal concepts. A single pair of boots won’t necessarily fit all women. However, take the time to research your options and stick to a pair that will help you boost your results. For that purpose, Shoe Adviser’s reviews will come in handy to help you compare and pick the best for you.

As a mother who also earns a living, you want to keep yourself looking great, feeling at ease, and setting a good example to your children. By opting for chic and smart footwear that matches your company dress codes, and your walking ability in certain types of shoes, you can still look the part without compromise. 

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