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Upper Class Choices on a Mid Level Income

In 2020, $121,411 was the median household net worth in the United States. This is up from $97,225.55 in 2017. How do you fall in comparison? Whether it is spot on or extremely off, you should make the choices that best suit your life and the lifestyle you want.



It is all about how you spend your money, time and effort.

Luxury is the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Middle class is the average, according to Wikipedia, is a class of people in the middle of a social hierarchy. It’s usage has often been vague whether defined in terms of occupation, income, education or social status. The definition by any author is often chosen for political connotations. Writers on the left favor the lower-status “working class”. This is where most people fall. People who can pay their bills, may have a little in savings…the average Joe.

Here are some ways you can live like the upper class while on your average Joe budget.

Hosting a Dinner Party

Having friends over is pretty normal. You have a meal, have a drink and maybe play a game or enjoy some conversation. If you want to kick it into the upper class simply make a couple changes to your average gathering. Instead, change how you phrase it. Ask them over for a dinner party. By changing the term it changes the mind set of all parties involved. You can still be yourself, have the food you like, but make fun simple changes to elevate the night.

Try adding a new centerpiece or linen wipe clean tablecloth in the dining area. You can use the season décor you already have on hand. Rearranging the table at a slightly different angle can make the room feel different. Lastly, be sure you put the food and alcohol on the table. Offer your guests some chilled white wine. Have a simple cheese tray with 3 different cheese, grape and crackers. These can be in your budget and really add pizazz.


Hosting a Brunch

Brunch is fun! You can have a mimosa while you snack on crepes and french toast. Ask a couple or two over for brunch and they will probably get curious. Have you ever been invited to one at a friends house? This type of invite will intrigue your friends and give you an excuse to have some fun. Make the event as casual or formal as you want. You can toss some fruit to make a fruit salad, whip up some poached eggs and set out some coffee, or better yet, treat your guests to some Anthonys Espresso.


Host a Backyard BBQ

You may not think of a barbeque are sexy, but you couldn’t ne more wrong. You just need to make a few changes to elevate it. Bring your smart device outside and ask it to play ‘dinner music’. Fun, easy, background music will create a different feel. You hear your radio stations all the time, but my playing a dinner music mix or a jazz station can make it more fun. Next don’t just buy any old protein to grill. You need to pick a meat that you can feel confident cooking but is also crafted with quality, click here to learn more about the right type of meat.


In conclusion….Your friends and family like YOU. Remember that they don’t care about your bank account, they want to be around you. So have fun with trying to have an ‘upper crust’ event, but don’t let it effect your heart and your friendships.

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