It’s an odd thing to think that most humans live with a degree of separation between them and the rest of the natural world, nowadays. After all, we were born in nature, we live by its rules, but so many of us spend the vast majority of time away from it, we don’t have the same knowledge or appreciation of our environment as we once did. But you can change that. Here are a few ways to get a little more closely connected to nature, to both your own benefit and that of the environment around you.

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Welcome more of it to your garden

The modern garden is such an abstract construct removed from nature, that it should be no surprise that the majority of them contribute very little to their local ecosystem. If you want to make sure your garden is more vibrant with life and doing some good, planting wildflowers can be a great start. They help attract and contribute to the cycle of pollinators that is vital for all plant life. There are also things you can build like bee hotels and hedgehog houses that can offer some temporary shelter for local wildlife, too.


Get your food from nature

Aside from helping you get a deep sense of achievement and putting a meal on your plate, fishing is actually a great tool for learning more about the environment. Once you get started with kits from places like Tailored Tackle, the process of learning about fishing traces you more about catch and release, how to help preserve ecosystems, and the environmental challenges those fish species can feel. If you want to feel close to the tug of war that is the natural world, there are few better ways than to take part in it.


Explore the best of it

You don’t need to get out there with any particular goal in mind. Sometimes, simply taking the step of enjoying a little more of the nature that’s available to you can help you build a much better sense of appreciation for it and why it deserves to be protected. The NPS website, for instance, can help you find the nearest national park, wherever you are, showing you the easiest way to get out there to some true natural beauty.


Teach the kids as well

If you have children, then one of the best ways to develop your own love of nature is to help instill one in them, as well. This can be as simple as taking them out for a semi-regular picnic or camping trips. With the help of apps like Seek, they can learn a little bit more about nature every time they get out there, without the stigma that most adults have about getting out into nature. In teaching them, you can also teach yourself and foster a much deeper appreciation. On a similar note, if you want to spend some time in raw nature but with a bit of luxury, you can opt for glamping sites like glastonbury luxury camping or a similar campsite in your region where you can book hideout huts and cabins for a luxurious stay.


As many of us are becoming more environmentally conscientious, it falls to us to be more ecologically conscious too. Adopting a few of the hobbies and habits above can help you do that.