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4 Essential Factors to Consider Before Moving Your Aging Parents Into Your Home

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If you plan on moving an aging parent or any other older adult in with you, you are not alone. According to reports, more adults are moving in with their children. Although this arrangement comes with many positives especially for the aging parent, it also means that you need to find ways to juggle your personal life while caring for your aging parent. The option for them to move in seems cheaper than putting your aging parent in a nursing home. However, the extra responsibilities might pose some dangers to your emotional and mental health. So, how do you juggle both responsibilities without putting your health or that of your parents’ at risk? Here are some factors to consider before making your decision:


  • What kind of care do your parents need?


To know what kind of care your aging parent needs, you should first know their physical and mental condition. If you are uncertain about it, then book an appointment with your doctor to conduct a thorough examination. The best time to get your parents to move in is when they are still relatively independent. That will not only lessen the difficulties in the moving process, but they will also require less care initially while getting used to their new surroundings. Plus, if you have kids, they will get to spend some time with their healthy grandparents. If your parents are moving in with certain health conditions, then you should take the time to know what kind of care they require at home. Even if they do not show any signs or symptoms of certain chronic health conditions, you should be guided by personal or family history to anticipate potential health issues and make preparations for them.


  • How much assistance do you need?


Once you know what kind of care your parents need, you should figure out how much you can afford to do without risking your health. Although caring for your aging parents is an excellent way of saying thank you for all the love they have shown you, you need to be realistic about how much you can do alone and when you require professional assistance. If your aging parent already has some chronic health issues, then you should consider getting professional help. Thankfully, websites like make it possible to find senior and elderly caregivers for your aging loved ones. You should also consider getting help from other family members and loved ones as well.


  • Will your family and aging parents get along?


It is essential to measure the emotional atmosphere in your home before bringing in an aging parent. For example, will your family get along with your parents? Do they like the idea of extending your nuclear family? Are they willing to lend helping hands? To ensure that you have the right answers to these questions, you should first have a conversation with your family and get their approval before making plans to have your aging parents move in. Also, consider how the presence of your parents will affect your children. If your parents have certain chronic health conditions, you need to be sure that your home offers a conducive environment to improve their health.


  • Will your aging parent have a social network available?


You need to be sure that moving your aging parents into your home will not be detrimental to their social life. This is especially important if you live alone. If you plan to move your aging loved one from a long distance to living with you, you should know that they will probably be leaving behind a network of neighbors, friends, and social circle that they may have grown attached to over the years. In such a case, getting your parents out of an environment they are comfortable in could be challenging. Without a good social network to make them feel at home, the situation can negatively impact their mental health, leading to stress and depression. Therefore, it is vital to look for ways to help them deal with their loneliness if your daily schedule does not allow you to be their only source of social interaction. For example, you can find out if a senior care center is available to spend their days when there is no one at home. It takes quite a while for aging adults to adjust to new environments; therefore, be sure that you make the change as stress-free as possible.


Moving your parents in with you is a big step for both you and them. Be sure that you can provide them with all they need to make the decision a feasible one, and to talk to them, as well as your partner, to know their opinions.


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