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3 Ways To Combat Rainwater Damage In The Fall

Rainwater damage can be deceptively complex. The issue about rainwater is that it’s not just water that is landing on your home. It’s often full of sea salt, chemicals and bits of debris. So actually, your home is a little under attack from little tiny specs of things that hurt the surface layer bit by bit. Obviously, it goes without saying that this is nothing to worry about for a good many years. But if your home is over 30 years of age, you will see many signs of wear and tear that have been specifically caused by rainwater. It gets particularly bad during the fall months, as more and more rainwater falls to earth. So here are some ways to combat the most harmful ways your home is damaged.



Roof water channels


Every single roof has water channels, so the rainwater can drip off the roof in a safe manner. These channels aren’t easily seen, as they run alongside the edges of the roof, in terms of its design. If you look up at your roof the next time it rains, you will see a trickle of running water, down the side of your home and or coming down from your chimney. Damage can occur to these parts of the roof over a long period of time but it’s almost too difficult to repair once it’s been a set period of time, such as 30+ years. So we recommend that you get Florida registered roofing contractors to replace the shingles and or tiles of these channels so that the water can run freely off your roof.



Sudden flood


With every autumn season, comes the risk of flooding. The main concern is not necessarily the flooding, but how long the flooring will be. Most homes who expect to be in the path of any flash flood know that they need a sump pump like the Tsurumi LB-480A. This is made to dredge a basement or home, from water and also debris and sediment. So if any soil or dirt or sand comes into your home due to the flooding, this kind of sump pump will pick it up and without obstruction, remove it from your home. Leaves, pebbles and grit, all get removed as well, so you can limit the risk of further damage to your floor.


The hidden blockage


The gutter system is easy to clean which is good for any homeowner. But, the downspout is often the culprit of many surprises overflowing in the gutter system. If you know your gutters are clear but you’re still getting overflow, chances are it’s your downspout that needs to be cleared. And, it almost always leaves that causing the blockage. Clearing your downspout is not easy.


  • Rinse the downspout from the top with a running hose.
  • As the hose is running, use a broom handle or something similar to tap down into the blockage area.
  • Ask someone else to wear gloves and goggles and claw down any debris they can grab a hold of, from the bottom.


Rainwater damage comes in many forms and they almost always arrive in groups during the fall. We recommend that you follow these measures to protect your home better.


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