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Gifts for Her – The Best Holiday Gifts for Women

Sunday Riley’s – Bright Young Thing Gift Set – click to purchase

Sunday Riley is a premier developer of the hottest new skin products. Boasting of several lines which are huge sellers at Sephora, they are not featuring a new collection, the Bright Young Thing Gift Set. This set includes: Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment (15ml), C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum (15ml) and the Tidal Brightening Enzyme Cream (15mg). This set helps with instant radiance, plumping, and visible brightening of dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and discolorations. Danielle at MamatheFox swears by the C.E.O line, which smells amazing and does wonders on post pregnancy skin.

Bleuberet Artisanal Foods – click to purchase

For the foodie in your life, anything from Bleuberet will do. Start with wild Maine blueberries, add a touch of sweetness to enhance the berries natural flavor and then let the fun begin. From savory to sweet, Bleuberet’s jams, fruit spreads and preserves are all natural, GMO-free and packed with antioxidants. New this year-Wild Maine Blueberry Preserves and Maine Strawberry Preserves, plus a seasonal MicroBatch line. Fall/Winter flavors are wild Maine blueberry with rosemary, lemon & thyme, and orange & oregano. From single jars, to gift boxes where you pick the flavors, to pre-packed gift boxes, there is a flavor for everyone on the gift list this season. Bleuberet is sold online so everyone can get in on the delicious products they are showcasing. Bleuberet is sure to have something to excite your pallet.

Cuddle Clones – click here to purchase

Do you have a special animal in your life? A cat, a dog or a bunny that has such a magical place in your heart? One that you cannot imagine life without? Our pet’s are more than just animals living in our homes, but they are members of the family. We buy them gifts, spend enormous amounts of time with them and love them with more of our hearts than words can express. With Cuddle Clones you can have an exact replica of your pet created into a stuffed animal. These stuffed animals are customized to showcase the unique features of just your pet. With their unique technology they can use photos, which you provide to them, to recreate your pet in a mind-blowing manner. They don’t just churn out a “yellow lab”, but instead they work their hardest to make it exactly look like your pet. These Cuddle Clones are meant to be heirloom pieces, that you can love even after your beloved pet passes on. They make the perfect gift for any pet lover. Use the coupon code MAMATHEFOX for 10% off your purchase!

Moon Valley Organics – click here to purchase

Moon Valley Organics visualized an organic skin care company that would not only bring relief to those with skin ailments, but that would farm, and produce these products using the utmost sustainable practices. After years of hard work and dedication, their dreams came true. Their once small line of skin care products is now ever expanding, bringing new products to help you and your family. Moon Valley Organics is a USDA Certified organic company. They proudly promote pollinator awareness & bee education in their communities. As well as donate 10% of all Herbal Lip Balm net profits to organizations that work hard to promote pollinator health through conservation, legislation and research. The top hot products that people love from Moon Valley Organics are their lip balms, lotion bars, and medicinal salves and balms. The medicinal salves and balms were introduced in 2005 with the help of Dr Daniel Newman, MD, ND, and DOM. If you are looking for new and exciting skin care products them you cannot go wrong with Moon Valley. Grab a few products to fill up a stocking that will bring a joyful face to whomever receives it.

WoobieBeans – click here to purchase

As if being a full-time NICU research nurse, mom, and wife doesn’t make someone superwomen, Kelly also started her own Etsy shop WoobieBeans. In 2011 Kelly became passionate about metal working and hand stamping, and used her talents to bless her friends and family. After perfecting her technique, she opened WoobieBeans and has continued to expand her product line! With over 600 pieces, WoobieBeans sells jewelry, guitar picks, keychains, ornaments, and men’s gifts. Engravings range from scripture, uplifting phrases, state home series, to children’s names for mom/grandma. The whole collection is made by Kelly herself, start to finish, and you can see how much love she puts into each piece. Almost every order is customizable making it extra special for the one’s you love. There is even the option to engrave your loved one’s actual handwriting into a personalized gift. WobbieBeans uses a variety of materials such as stainless steel, copper, pearls, and gemstones. Each piece is sure to be made with integrity and the best craftsmanship while touching the hearts of the ones you love most.

Heated Lower Back & Shoulder Joint Wrap

-Click here to purchase

Find relief with Sunshine Pillows. This dedicated company works to design high-quality products to assist people dealing with pain or injury. Use their helpful website to find the perfect support pillow for your needs. The Joint Wrap is ideal for bringing relief to lumbar, shoulder, and back pain. The ergonomically designed Heated Joint Wrap is made to tie around stressed areas and conform to your body. The straps are made extra long for the convenience of tying around your body and resting on a variety of body parts. Ideally, this Sunshine Pillow is used to treat shoulder joints and lower back muscles. What makes this pillow so unique is the all natural flax seed filling in multiple channels; to prevent filling shifting when moving around. The heating area is quite large measuring at 10 inches by 18 inches. Heating the wrap is made easy in the microwave and gives off heat for half and hour. Or pop it in the freezer for an hour to be used as a cold pack. The soft protective fleece protects the skin from burns and excessive heating/cooling. Bring relief to the ones you love with the Sunshine Pillows Heated Joint Wrap.

Capresso Electric Water Kettle – click here to purchase

Hot water is such a common need. We use it for so many things, but my favorite way is for tea! I love having a hot cup of tea any time of the day. Herbal, green, black, I really love them all so much. With the Capress Electric Water Kettle you can get that hot water in an instant. It brings the water to a boil so much faster than a stove top would. I have previously used tea kettles and simple pots to bring my water to a boil but this Water Kettle I found here is so much easier to use and way more safe. I always get nervous with open water boiling on my stove with my small kids running around. Now we can boil our water in this travel safe, pull in Capresso Kettle. It’s great for parties, outdoor events and every day use. Pairing this kettle with other hot drink necessities is a perfect idea. For instance, why not purchase the kettle alongside this Personalized coffee photo mug with your favorite photos for a lovable and well-thought-out gift.

Sharing Library – click here to purchase

**Being released in December

Simplay3 is specialized in the toy and home plastic industry. With a team of experienced leadership, Simplay3 continues to stretch and redesign innovative and high quality products. The Sharing Library is the perfect outlet to give back to the community you love. It follows the system of give one take one with books. People can drop off books they are done with or take books they want. It is a way to increase access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds. Ask your local officials if you can add a sharing library to a local park, your doctor’s office, in front of the police station, or maybe just plant it in your front yard. Give the gift of literacy to your community with the Simplay3 Sharing library.

Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath rug- click here to purchase

Soft and elegant, Clara Clark #1 amazon best bath mats are the perfect finishing touch. Coordinating your bathroom decor is simple with 14 different color plush velvet options. The color stays vibrant and bright even through machine washings. Layered beneath is memory foam cushioning providing the ultimate soft support under bare feet. Clara Clark high-quality memory foam is highly absorbent by soaking up water like a sponge. Each mat can hold four times its weight in water, keeping a moisture free bathroom. In addition, the superior absorbency foam dries exceptionally fast. Naturally hypoallergenic, the microfiber fire retardant fabric is allergy sensitive. For safety, the durable backing is skid resistant and stays in place even in front of a bath or shower. For elegant and luxury mats that are exceptionally practical, check out Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Rugs. You might also be interested in looking for a rug that could do well in your lounge or bedroom if you are interested in finding a rug that fit your home, there are rugs out there similar to Bazaar velvet to brighten up your home.

The Eternity Rose – click here to purchase

If you are looking for a special gift for a person who loves gold, roses and jewelry then The Eternity Rose is the perfect company for your holiday shopping. They host a variety of products, but their top seller is a real rose that is dipped in precious metals such as gold or silver! The gold or silver sipped roses come in a lovely, velvet lined box to showcase the rose as well as keep it safe. It is a unique piece of art that is sure to be treasured for a lifetime. The Eternity Rose also offers a large selection of rose necklaces and earrings, also made with 24 karat gold.

Modern Oats – click here to purchase

Oatmeal is a staple food when it comes to cold winters. Modern Oats is an oatmeal brand transparent about their healthy and whole ingredients. Vegan friendly, gluten free, non GMO, and whole grains make their oatmeal a perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle. Planted by small, carefully chosen family farmers Modern Oats can regulate well harvested whole ingredients in their oatmeal. Modern Oats’s goal is to fancy up old fashion oatmeal and make an artistically delicious meal. With eight different flavors, its easy to shake things up and keep breakfast fun and flavorful. Their website even offers delicious recipes to incorporate your delicious oats. With fast and easy prep, Modern Oats is like a genius deliciously healthy step up from fast food.

Empyrean Bedding – click here to purchase

When it comes to bedding no one wants uncomfortable sheets. Having a staple set of cozy, soft and easy to wash sheets is really a must. We spend so much time in bed that we need to invest in our sleep environment. With Empyrean Bedding you get the luxury of high end bedding but at the everyday costs an average American can afford. They feature full sets of sheets for under $40 and sometimes under $30! The best feature about their sheets are the deep pockets with straps. If you have a thick mattress, a pillow top or a fancy controlled mattress, you probably have a hard time finding sheets that will fit your mattress. The fitted sheet with Empyrean has super deep pockets, but with an extra strap that slides around the corner, keeping it in place. My kids move around like monkeys in bed, and we never have any issues about the corners coming up after switching to Empyrean. Check out all their color options with the link above.

IvybyDesign -Click here to purchase

This adorable jewelry shop makes for the perfect personalize gift. IvybyDesign is an Etsy shop that started by creating personalized State Necklaces, Dog Lover Gifts, and Personalized Pet Name jewelry. They have now grown to selling over 270 different designs and providing sterling silver, 14K gold filled, and 14K rose gold filled options. Her collection fashionably displays hobbies, interest, and life milestones through beautifully crafted jewelry. IvybyDesign was even able to make science themed necklaces look feminine and fashion forward. Also included in her collection is modernized BFF pieces and mom/grandmother gifts. We love this shop because she captures the essence of those significant life stages in timeless sleek jewelry.

Caulipower Pizza – Click here to purchase

With awareness of Celiac – an autoimmune disorder in which gluten (wheat, barley, oats, and rye) cause damage to their small intestines – we have been blessed with new products being brought to market, giving those with this disorder more options. Many people also choose to go gluten-free for other health benefits. Right now in the food world cauliflower that is used at bread is huge. Thankfully, we now have access to Caulipower – a pizza made with cauliflower as the crust! If you have ever tried to make your own crust from cauliflower you know how labor intensive and time consuming it is (it took me too many hours and I was burnt out before I even at my meal). Having done the all dirty work, Caulipower has created the perfect formula and we cannot thank them enough. With options of three-cheese, veggie, margherita or plain (add your own toppings at home) you can get the pizza you desire. With less sugar, more fiber and less sodium its the easy choice to make. Keep you eye’s in this growing company as they will have more products coming out soon. Now available on Amazon (click here to see on Amazon)

Eclipse – Click here to purchase

The Eclipse brand offers unique sun safety products for adults (and children). Their shawls, sleeves, gloves, and ponchos are all created to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays all without wearing sunscreen! Eclipse products reliable shield you of 98% of UVA and UVB rays, all while keeping you cool with their moisture wicking fabric. Providing chemical free, high quality coverage you often forget you’re wearing anything to protect you. For the women in your life look for the Eclipse Sun Shawl. This is a cute, light weight, wrinkle free poncho like cover that is a quick cover up for travel, outdoor activities, and the beach. This shawl even doubles as a nursing cover, so its perfect for new or expecting moms!

Masontops – click here to purchase

Mason jars are undoubtably one of the most popular things floating around the internet these days. The adorable vintage look of these jars makes DIY and crafting doable and endless. Masontops joined the Mason jar movement and found a way to help people use their jars in the kitchen. Childhood friends started Masontops with the goal to help turn mason jars into beautiful storage solutions, easy fermentation vessels, coffee bean preservers, and much much more. One of their top sellers is a beautiful complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit. It includes:

  • A Set of 4 fun colored pickle pipes; the world’s first one-piece, self-sealing, silicon and waterless airlock
  • A Set of 4 clear glass Pickle Pebbles
  • 1 Pickle Packer-all Natural Double-sided Acacia Wood Vegetable Tamper

Whether you are an avid fermenter or just starting out, this kit makes the process practically foolproof.

Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop – click here to purchase

For the person who has everything, always pinching pennies, or working to save the planet, Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop has it. Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop sells cloth alternatives to everyday paper products. Her Etsy and Amazon shop have a vast line of high quality cloth products that are proudly handmade in the USA. Gina’s shop is extra special because she takes custom orders and works to meet your needs. We love her passion for bringing safe and high quality paperless products into homes. Gina even provides a breakdown of al the different fabric options with the pros and cons listed. With over 70 different products, you can find solutions for reusable paper towels, baby wipes, napkins, mug rugs, and more!

Blessing Flower – click here to purchase

A memorable and meaningful gift is an artistic piece from The Blessing Flower. A real desert flower is grown in the Judean Desert before being dried and collected. In the studio flowers are groomed, prepped, and chosen to be set in a Blessing Flower jewelry or gift. Pieces include necklaces, bracelets, ornaments, and rings. The real magic is that with just a few drops of water, the flower will bloom and stay open for an hour. The Blessing Flower can last for decades and can be a beautiful reminder of strength. Though it appears delicate and fragile, this little desert flower is resilient and continues to bloom time after time. One may face trials and tribulations but these timeless pieces are a reminder that there are also blessings and inner power.

Snap Happy Mom – click here to purchase

For the person who is always behind the camera or new to photography, these cards are for you. Snap Happy Mom has created quick photo cards that are adorable and helpful. Her tips are aimed for beginners to intermediate photographers looking to improve their manual mode. Each card covers a DSLR photography tip including topics on exposure, shooting, lighting, and more. All the content comes from Meg Calton’s blog, a blog helping mom’s improve their photography skills. The set comes with 14 double-sided plastic cards connected with a handy ring. They can easily fit inside your purse or camera bag and taken on the go. And of course, they are “Pinterest perfect” with a beautiful floral cover and a mix of bright colors on each card, and might make makes excellent photo socks for her.

Zoku – click here to purchase

Known for their housewears, Zoku creates innovative, easy-to-use, well-designed products. Many if their products are full of bright, fun colors that will add a little bit of sunshine to anyones kitchen. Perfect to give in the winter months! Their new 20 ounce, 3 in 1 stainless steel tumbler is the perfect gift for any woman in your life. Who doesn’t love a good tumbler, am I right?! The press fit lid is perfect for anyone on the go; it securely seals your drink for spill resistant sipping. The tumbler will keep cold beverages icy for up to 24 hours and warm ones toasty for up to 6 hours. Choose from an array of colors that any woman will like! Zoku has some fun ice molds that are perfect for the holidays too; be sure to check them out!

Candy Drop Necklace – click here to purchase

Isabelle Grace is a beautiful and unique line of jewelry. Inspired by her grandmother’s gold locket framing a picture of her grandfather, Claudia wanted to carry on the tradition of personal jewelry. Her pieces are hand crafted out of the best materials and help tell your one of a kind story. Isabella Grace’s Candy Drop necklace is just as elegant and timeless as the rest of her collection. This all in one necklace features two layers; a perfectly sized initial charm paired with a gorgeous bezel set gem stone. The gems come in four available color options while the chain and charm can be sterling silver or 14kt gold. The anti-tangle design makes it the perfect necklace to travel with, and you will quickly find it’s the perfect staple piece for any outfit. Give the gift of timeless style jewelry that will be come a special keepsake.

Inspired Endurance – click here to purchase

Do you jog? Know a runner? I know several people who run, and they love to run 5K’s, marathons and other events like triathlons. Every time you hear about them accomplishing such an amazing feat I get so excited for them. We have seen bumper stickers on peoples cars before, but I am not a bumper sticker person. I know others are not about putting decals on their car either, but are happy to share they have run in a race. Now, with Inspired Endurance you can show off your accomplishments with tasteful jewelry. Inspired Endurance has a huge line of jewelry that allows you to showcase your accomplishments with bracelets, earrings or necklaces. We love their charm bracelets that allow you to add each race you run. The necklaces have small, delicate charms that make for pretty pieces that are easy to wear. When you finish running an Ironman, I mean, you need to show that off! To make it even more special you can have some pieces custom engraved with your name, dates and finish times. You have to check out their huge selection today.

Tippur – click here to purchase

Nail painting has been in style for 3000 years! Painting your nails allows you to feel so many things, relaxed, pretty, done up, like yourself….the list goes on and on. I know when I have my nails painted I feel pretty and more fancy than my regular day-to-day MamatheFox-self. However, most women have experienced, that those bottles can be tricky and spills are inevitable. I mean I cannot tell you how many times throughout my life I have accidentally knocked over an opened bottle of polish. Most of the time its on a surface that I can clean up okay, but other times I have ruined things. My daughter, age 5, is in love with painting her own nails and just a few months ago she permanently stained our nice dining room table, UGH! With the new product, Tippur, you no longer have to worry about spilling your polish. This device holds your bottle at an angle, giving you the best slant to pull out the brush and not get those large globs we dread. You have full control on how small or deep you want the angle, as its is fully in your hands. Coming in 6 different colors, and 2 inserts so it can hold all sizes of nail polish bottles. If you know someone how paints their nails, then this is easily going to be the best stocking stuffer they receive this year.

Hearthy Foods – click here to purchase

Finding easy to use, healthy ingredients is how you kick start and maintain the type of diet that will keep you healthy. Many people have to eat gluten-free diets due to celiac disease, others eat gluten free for other heath benefits. When you get your hands on some easy to use and actually good tasting gluten free ingredients you don’t let go. With Hearthy Foods we have found the key to gluten-free deliciousness! With a variety of products ranging from flours like carrot, kale, pumpkin, apple, rice and many more, cookie mixes, cake mixes, pies crusts and pre-made/ready-to-eat pies your mind will spin with delicious thoughts and ideas. Hearthy Foods can be found at some Whole Foods, but is always available on their website and Amazon!

Nestl Bedding (and bed skirt) – click here to purchase

Soft, cozy bedding. What can be better? If you are looking for a new duvet and pillow sham set but have a limited budget, then Nestl is the best bet for you. Available in twin, full, queen, king and California king they will have the size you are searching for. With 21 shades of beautiful colors, you can match the decor in any room with ease. We love the green and cream, it’s a beautiful modern combination that can go with most every bedroom set. The sets are machine washable and have an easy to open button enclosure to ensure the duvet stays in place. This luxury bedding collection made of the highest quality double brushed microfiber strong linen for years to lasts. Fabulous selection of vibrant dyed yarn solid colors will make your bedroom look like a celebrity home.

Their matching bed skirts are perfect for that final touch.

Grow Love with Me plant – click here to purchase

Give the gift of love in a unique way this Christmas with the Yoko Ono plant from LongHouse Reserve. This 16 acre reserve and sculpture garden in East Hampton New York is full of art that reflects world cultures and inspires a creative life. The Grow Love with Me plant was created by artist Yoko Ono who is a featured artist in the LongHouse Reserve. Follow the very simple directions and once the bean plant sprouts, a special message is revealed. When the brown shell falls, “love” is shown on one side with a heart and arrow on the other. Anyone will love this thoughtful, unique gift that shows how much you love them!

Gabriel Clothing Co. – click here to purchase

Located in Mena, Arkansas, Gabriel Clothing Co. is the perfect place to shop for not only women, but anyone in the family. They offer apparel for men, moms, aunts, and are currently selling Thanksgiving and Christmas themed apparel. Their clever and unique shirts are so adorable and any mom or aunt will love them. This ‘Christmas Mom Life T-shirt’ is seriously the cutest and is the perfect gift to give a mom who is rockin the mom life. Show her how much you appreciate all she does with these cute and kinda funny women’s tops. She’ll love it! Be sure to check out their website for a bunch of other shirts and apparel they offer!

Pink Zebra – click here to purchase

Pink Zebra’s line of wax fragrances are perfect for anyones home. Their simmer post are a fun way decorate while also giving your home a scent that you love. As pictured on the right, their sprinkles are small scented beads that give a refreshing fragrant smell throughout your whole home. Using only IFRA approved ingredients, and keeping harmful ingredients out of their waxes, their products are safe for everyone in the family. For more information on their ingredients visit their website. If you’re looking to make a little extra income for your family, Pink Zebra may be a great option for you. Sell product directly, by hosting parties, using social media, or fundraising; you can make even more money by building consultant teams. Pink Zebra is a great alternative to candles and a perfect gift to give any woman you know!

Lexo Smart Coffee Mug – click here to purchase

When it comes to coffee mugs we have seen it all….at least we thought! LEXO is the newest development in coffee mugs. Developed and designed by a mechanical and aerospace engineering EU professor, this high tech mug is the FIRST smart mug that is powered by nature. No batteries, no chargers, just science. The LEXO stores the extra heat which cools it to the perfect drinking temperature. Then later, when the drink cools that same heat is released back into the mug to rewarm your beverage. The heat is stored in 100% biophased change SMART material that is build directly into the mug. This technology will save your mouth and body from being burnt from hot coffee and gives you a warm drink longer than you can imagine. Now available in several colors and with 2 lid options (slide or flip) you can see this amazing coffee mug on Amazon.

T-Fal Kitchen -click here to purchase

T-fal is an innovative producer of kitchen solutions and known for creating the first non-stick cookware and cordless iron. They are committed to helping homes have safe reliable products while providing simple and healthy ways to prepare homemade food. For more efficient baking T-fal has designed a nonstick copper finished cookie sheet. The unique Micro-Dome technology provides even heating, better browning, decreased bake time, and practically no burning. Their soft silicone Ingenio Spreader Spatula was designed to be multipurpose for all your frosting needs. The contoured edge is perfect for scraping out mixing bowls while the rigid straight edge makes spreading frosting a simple art form. T-fal heat safe Ingenio Silicone Blade Spatula is ideal for scraping bowls and folding mixtures. The bowl rest is a unique addition that prevents spoons falling into the bowl. All these products are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. T-fal provides a lifetime warranty and promises the best of T-dal quality.

Rush Order Tee’s – click here to purchase

Are you in a pinch? We all get there, especially around the holidays. Rush Order Tee’s features crazy fast turn around times on loads of custom items like: tee-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, polo’s and button ups. But they do more than just clothing, they also customize bags, towels, outerwear, uniforms, aprons and youth items including onesies and toddler tee’s. If you have a business, a group event or just a fun family gathering, you can quickly get a unique item from Rush Order Tee’s. Prices change based on quantity and how fast you need your order. Check out their website and get a quote today. Save some money, some rushing around and sit back and relax this holiday thanks to Rush Order Tee’s.


Flora Bloom Feminine Probiotic For BV


Probiotics help in maintaining a healthy balance in your body. Its benefits include that it helps with gut health, prevent urinary tract infections, and bolsters immunity. Flora Bloom Probiotics For Women contains Prebiotics & Probiotics designed to promote vaginal pH, digestion, and urinary tract. It helps regulate not only digestion, but vaginal pH. Regulating vaginal pH is important because it can help avoid odors and discharge due to bacterial vaginosis and related issues.

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